The Water bottle in the 3DS version.

See also: Food#Water_Bottle

The Water Bottle (Water in the 3DS version) is a bottle of distilled water. It is the basic drink for all pets. It is larger than a regular water bottle. In Nintendogs + Cats, the water bottle looks very similar to how it did in the original Nintendogs games. The blue label still plainly says "WATER" but lacks the picture of mountains, instead having "of BARC". Due to better graphics, the bottle is now transparent rather than white. It can be bought from BARC for $1. If your dog's physique is ideal/optimal it is recommended you serve your dog this as a beverage.


DS: "This distilled water is easy on a puppy's digestive tract. (Single-Use Bottle)"

3DS: "This natural spring water is soothing and refreshing!"