Full victory set

full victory set

HNI 0011Victory Specs

Victory Glasses

Dovahkiin Victory Collar

Victory Medal


Victory Crown

Dodge victory wear

Siberian Husky in Victory Wear

In Nintendogs+Cats, there are 3 competitions:

Disc Competition

Lure Coursing

Obedience Trial

There are 5 stages in each contest: Junior cup, Amateur Cup, Pro Cup, Master Cup and Nintendogs Cup.

If your dog wins Nintendogs Cup, it will recieve something from the Victory Wear.

Disc: Victory Crown

Lure: Victory Collar

Obedience: Victory Glasses

To win, your dog will need lots of practice and the right Disc/Lure.

Your dog can wear all 3 at once.

If you win Nintendogs Cup, you will get the specific Victory Item for that cup.

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