Tricks are a feature in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats.

Please note this trick guide is for Nintendogs only. If you are looking for the trick guide for Nintendogs + Cats see Trick (Nintendoges + Cats)

Basic Tricks To teach your dog!Edit


Pet your dog's head then quickly slide it down


When your dog is sitting, touch its paw and lift it. Make sure to use the same paw or he/she will get confused.

Lie Down Edit

Make the dog sit down, and slide its head on the touch screen down again.

Roll OverEdit

When your dog is lying down, slide the stylus either to the left or right to make it roll over. The dog will first lay on its side; petting your dog's belly in this position can also make it roll over.


When your dog turns around, touch its tail and hold it until your dog spins either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Note: After doing this multiple times, some dogs may get angry and you will need to give them a toy or treat in order to continue. This only happens during training; once your dog has learned the trick there won't be any problems.


When your dog turns around and shakes, tap the air to make the dog jump.


Slide the dog's head up on the touch screen and your dog will do a begging motion.

Note: It takes practice to learn how to do this trick. Some dogs are not loyal enough to do it and will only wobble on their back legs for a short time and look at the ceiling. It usually is able to beg when you get 1st place in master in any competitions.

Advanced TricksEdit

Backflip Edit

Tell your dog to sit, then tell it to jump. (Do not pet your dog once he sits, or he will perform them as separate tricks)


Tell your dog to roll over, then tell it to jump.

Rodeo JumpEdit

When your dog is doing the breakdance trick, tell it to frontflip.


Whistle in the mic, or wait for a firetruck to appear and he will automatically howl.


Tell your dog to roll over for 1 second, then spin.


Get your dog in the beg position, then lift its paw up into the air. When it gets to the top of the screen let go.


When your dog is doing the Walk trick, tell it to Jump.


Tell your dog to lay down and then say beg.


Tap your dog's nose.


Tap your dog's back paw while turned.

Waddle Edit

Tell your dog to beg then spin. It will waddle awkwardly in a circle.

Randomly Done Edit

Howl Edit

Wait for the fire truck or whistle into mic. Edit

Sniff Edit

It Just... Sniffs

Pounce Edit

(When you have 2+ dogs) One of your dogs will pounce on the other one, like attacking.

Scratch Edit

Your dog will randomly scratch its ears with their feet.

Claw Edit

Your dog will claw and scratch at the floor.

Stretch Edit

Your dog will stretch randomly.

Speak Edit

Your dog will sometimes bark randomly while you are not interacting with them.

Yawn Edit

Your dog will randomly yawn.

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