HNI 0036

4 yellow traffic cones, with some orange ones just ahead.

Traffic Cones are obstacles in Nintendogs + Cats that only appear during walks. They are found in the Downtown and Seaside walking routes. If a dog weaves through them without touching or bumping them, a present will pop up, almost magically, just ahead. To make sure the present will appear, it is advisable that the player makes the dog walk in front of the last cone, as if still weaving. However, if you push over a cone while you weave, a present will not appear.

The presents received have the same rarity as other presents. Cones appear in sets of three, four, five and six. The amount also does not affect the rarity of the present. In the Secret Path, cones appear more often, but only if the player is walking on the Downtown or Seaside Secret Path.