Bubble blower

The Bubble Blower. One of the first toys the player receives at the beginning of the game.

Toys are collectible items in the world of the Nintendogs series. Toys are mainly used to entertain players' dogs, and can be traded and exchanged over Bark Mode in the DS version or StreetPass in the 3DS version. Toys are not generally harmful, although some automated toys (such as the Mario Kart or the RC Helicopter) can be taken control of and used to harm/shock the dog. Although most pups enjoy playing with toys, certain personality types are shy and may feel intimidated or frightened by some toys. Having a toy that they don't like or aren't used to throw at them or put near them will usually result in a loss of Trainer Points and overall affection from the player's dog.

Nintendogs ToysEdit

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Recyclable Items (Nintendogs + Cats)Edit

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