The Telephone Record (Japanese: でんわかいぎ) is a record in Nintendogs + Cats. It can be obtained from the Mr. Recycle shop. It can be sold for $12. This record's melody features telephone dials made into a song with a few techno sounds appearing in the tune. at one point of the tune you can hear a phone error sound and your dogs will howl. For some reason in the US/NTSC version, the in-game description of this item is a joke.


3DS NTSC: "If a puppy left you a message, it would leave a bark at the tone!"

3DS PAL: "If pets could use the phone, they'd sing along to the beeps!"

Materials neededEdit

  • x1 Leather
  • x1 Plastic


  • At one point of the song, you can hear a part of the Super Mario Bros. 3  underwater theme.                                                                                            
Picture 052

The Telephone Record

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