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This article is about the man who runs contests along with Archie Hubbs. If you were looking for the neighbor who owns a Toy Poodle named Sammy, see Toy Poodle#Neighbors.''

Ted Rumsworth


Archie Hubbs
Found on walks
No (Though a neighbor named Ted is, but isn't this Ted)
Found in competitions
Yes (In both versions)
Has brown hair, wears eyeglasses, and a blue shirt
Commentating competitions

Ted Rumsworth is a man with brown hair who wears glasses and a blue shirt. He runs and commentates contests in both Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats along with Archie Hubbs. He usually asks Archie questions about the player's dogs, and usually responds lightly to a witty comment of Archie's.

Role in Nintendogs + Cats Edit

Ted Rumsworth in the 3DS version
ChishioKunrinAdded by ChishioKunrin

He plays the same role as the original Nintendogs. For some reason, Archie Hubbs does not appear in the competition but makes a cameo in the BARC shop on the mountain route that opens only during on rainy days and at night.


"Here to cover the action is your announcer Ted Rumsworth and my friend and associete, Archie Hubbs!"

"...Yes. So with that, let's begin!"

"[Dog name] mustered a good effort but just couldn't quite lick the competition!"

"Uh, (Dog name) is a (Dog breed), Archie. But good metaphor."

"It hasn't even started yet, Archie."

"This marks (Number of 1st place victories) compulsive victories for (Dog name)! Just how much further can he/she go on this winning streak?" --Archie then tried to correct Ted if he meant "Farther", but then Ted said that was what he said.

"...You may want to think about where that tounge's been, Archie."

(Correcting Archie) "That's a (Dog breed), Archie. How long have you been sitting on that joke, anyways?"

"...And that looks like that was our last participant! Today's trial has officially ended." --Ted says this when your dog is in Agility trials only.

"Are you as excited as me, Archie?" --In championships.

"This marks (Number of 1st place victories) compulsive victories for (Dog name)! Just how much farther can he/she go on this winning streak?"

"...And that wraps up things for today, folks! This is your announcer Ted Rumsworth and commentator Archie Hubbs signing off."

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