Sunglasses are pairs of sunglasses that can be found on walks. They each have their own description. They can be found in the Accessories section of Supplies.


Sunglasses make every puppy and kitten very sleek. They are good keeping the bright sun out of your pet's eyes, and for looking cool.

Pair of Huge Sunglasses DS/Cop Sunglasses 3DSEdit


Pair of Huge Sunglasses

DS: "These huge retro lenses are back in style. They're for only the hippest of puppies."

3DS: "Dark shades for fighting crime and preforming motorbike stunts."

Pair of Sport Sunglasses DS/Sporty Sunglasses 3DSEdit

DS: "These sporty, futuristic-looking glasses make their wearer look

Pair of Sport Sunglasses


3DS US: "These sporty sunglasses will up the coolness of your furry friend."

3DS UK: "With their sleek frame, these glasses are the epitome of cool."

Red SunglassesEdit

3DS: "These bright-red sunglasses are perfect for cute puppies and kittens."

White SunglassesEdit

Nintendogs Cats 234

White Sunglasses from the Golden Retriever version.

3DS: "These ultra-cool sunglasses give a certain tough-guy image."

Yellow SunglassesEdit

3DS: "Stand out from the crowd with these fancy yellow shades."

Black Film Star ShadesEdit

3DS: "Celebs and their pets pose for the paparazzi in these shades."

Brown Film Star ShadesEdit

Picture 050

The Brown Film Star Shades

3DS: "Give your pets the awesome celebrity look with those shades."

Pink Flim Star Shades/Pink Movie-Star ShadesEdit

3DS: "These hot-pink shades look fab on divas of any ability."

Star ShadesEdit


DS: "These ultracool sunglasses are all the rage with celebs and their pampered pups."

3DS: "It takes a superstar to pull off these over-the-top shades"

Heart ShadesEdit

3DS: "Show your love with these super-cute heart shades"

Nitendogs + Cats 007

A cat wearing a pair of Heart Shades.

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