The Stick or Wooden Stick is an item found on walks. It is a brown Y-shaped stick. The Stick can be sold in the Secondhand Shop for $0.50, making it an almost valueless item. However, in Nintendogs + Cats, the Stick has been renamed Wooden Stick and is much more valuable, as it can be traded in at Mr. R for items.

For some reason, most dogs are scared of it in the old version, but in nintendogs +cats, they enjoy playing with it. Shelties, chihuahuas, and Shibas are the most likely to be scared of it.


DS: "This is just a broken branch from a tree. It appears to be of little value."

3DS: "A stick with a nice grain to it. Might come in handy sometime."

Where to findEdit

You are more likely to find the stick:


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