The Status Screen appears in both Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. It is accessed in all versions by clicking the icon ("?" in Nintendogs, Piece of Paper in Nintendogs + Cats) next to the dog or cat's name under it's portrait. In Nintendogs, it is accessible anywhere except for competitions. In contrast in Nintendogs + Cats, it is accesable at home, the park, and the cafe. It can be used often to check on your puppy's status, to look at your puppy's personality, and to see how many points it has. You will be able to see your dog's name, breed, gender, trainer, time spent with trainer (Nintendogs), personality/Owner Points (Nintendogs + Cats), Weight (Nintendogs + Cats), Hunger, Thirst, and Coat. In Nintendogs, you can also see what it was your dog last ate. You can also access your dog's trick list from the Status screen, where you can view the tricks your dog knows, make your dog forget a trick, and even view tutorials for new tricks (Nintendogs + Cats). You can also see in another menu accessed from the Status screen how your dog has placed in competitions. You will see there the dog's ranks in certain contests, and their winning streaks (winning first place in the highest level of competition consecutively.)


There are five weight types: Underfed, Skinny, Ideal/Optimal, Plump and Overfed.

Underfed: For a pet who is underfed, you must focus on feeding it high-quality food to help it gain the ideal weight. You may consider feeding it wet food that is higher in calories, and while that in general should be fed occassionally it is recommended if you feed it on a regular basis until it's reached its ideal/optimal weight. When giving treats for training and long walks, try biscuit bits or puppy biscuits, which are more like a dessert than a snack. Also be sure to still exercise, but contact other Nintendogs owners and gamers as they may have the best advice.

Skinny: As an owner, your job is to monitor your pet's weight by providing him/her with the right food and plenty of exercise. Sometimes though a pet that is engaged in too much physical activity (i.e. too much lure coursing, disc competitions) or perhaps overdoses on diet food, is reccommended to try premium canned or wet food as it is ideal if you want to get it off the verge of being underfed.

Ideal: Your pet is at an ideal or optimal weight, and it is necessary it remain that way in order to stay healthy. Excersise plenty, but don't overdo it such as walking your pet a few miles regularly, and feed it treats along the walk and while training to keep its metabolism high.

Plump: On the other hand (or paw) though, a pet that has been fed too much high-calorie food and recieved little exercise may be starting to put on a few pounds. To maintain an optimal weight, exercise him/her more such as taking your pet to the gym, seaside park, or park in the mountains. Play fetch or train for lure coursing; take long walks if you have the time--they boost your pet's mood, and shed the calories. Also play with it a lot, preferably with toys that thrive in physical activity such as a soccer ball or flying disc. Diet food is not mandatory, as it drops pounds fast and your pet may lose more weight than necessary, but it is necessary if your pet becomes overfed.

Overfed:  A pet that is overfed, diet food is recommended as well as plenty of exercise (see "plump" for more information.) Perhaps try different places to visit, as you may not want to go to the cafe as often anymore to get your pet back into shape. Try treats such as puppy chews, as they may help with weight loss. Excercise often!

Weight and Preffered Food to get Your Puppy or Kitten IdealEdit

Weight Preffered Food New Weight How Much Food to feed until next level How Fast Your Pup is

Diet Food(lots)

Plump     7 Slow
Plump Diet  Food Ideal     5 Moderate
Ideal Normal Food Ideal     3 Fast
Skinny Wet Food Ideal     5 Faster
Underfed Wet Food (lots) Skinny      7 A little bit fast

To Get To PlumpEdit

Weight Food (Preferred) How Much to Feed New Weight Speed Exersize
Overfed Diet Food (little) 3 Plump Slow All Day!
Plump Normal Food Normal Plump Moderate Almost All Day!
Ideal Wet Food (little) 3 Plump Fast 20 Hours
Skinny Wet Food 6 Ideal, then Plump Fastest 14 Hours
Underfed Wet Food (lots) 9 Skinny, Ideal, them Plump Moderate Less than half the day

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