SpotPass Downloadable Content (SpotPass DLC) is a new feature in Nintendogs + Cats that allows you to add items to the game. This feature is similar to WiiConnect24 on the Wii. One needs to be connected to the internet for SpotPass DLC neighbors and also for Nintendogs + Cats items from the DLC neighbor's pet. This feature was only available in North America and Japan.

When your 3DS is connected to the Internet, it will automatically check Nintendo's servers for DLC for all games and DLC-receiving applications that you have. It will often notify you by placing a blue spot on the picture of your inserted Nintendogs + Cats game and you must check your journal in-game and tap the yellow present box sticker for a SpotPass DLC neighbor. In case your game is not inserted, the 3DS also places a blue spot on the Notifications button on the system's start-up menu.

Sometimes, if you talk to a DLC neighbor while on a walk, he might give you a present. It is also possible for their dog breed to be added to the list of available dogs in the kennel if DLC neighbor is the very first neighbor met and spoken to with this ability during a walk. If multiple dogs have been SpotPassed and can be added to your kennel-- your DLC neighbor can still be available to meet another day during a walk as long as their entry is still listed in your journal (2 weeks). The player must not have the breed unlocked at that time in order for a breed to be unlocked via SpotPass.

List of North American SpotPass DLCEdit

Below is the list of SpotPass DLC neighbors that are in North American version of the game.

Teddy RooseveltEdit

  • Distributed: 4th May 2011 - 20th May 2011
  • Mii: Teddy
  • Dog's Breed: Bull Terrier
  • Dog's Name: Pete
  • Photo: Pete the dog standing.
  • Photo Message: Got a big stick?
  • Gift: Wooden Stick

Harry TrumanEdit

  • Distributed: 20th May 2011 - 3rd June 2011
  • Mii: H Truman
  • Dog's Breed: Cocker Spaniel
  • Dog's Name: Feller
  • Photo: Feller standing
  • Photo Message: Want a Friend?
  • Gift: Stuffed Dog

Richard Nixon Edit

  • Distributed: 3rd June 2011 - 21st June 2011
  • Mii: R Nixon
  • Dog's Breed: Cocker Spaniel
  • Dog's Name: Checkers (plus one unnamed dog)
  • Photo: Checkers standing
  • Photo Message: Kids love dogs!
  • Gift: White Rubber Bone

Rutherford B. HayesEdit

  • Distributed: 21st June 2011 - 1st July 2011
  • Mii: R. B. Hayes
  • Cat's Breed: Oriental (Smoke)
  • Cat's Name: Siam
  • Photo: Siam standing
  • Photo Message: Be Mindful!
  • Gift: Hopping Mouse Cat Wand

Herbert HooverEdit

  • Distributed: July 1, 2011 - July 15, 2011
  • Mii: H. Hoover
  • Dog's Breed: German Shepherd
  • Dog's Name: King Tut
  • Photo: King Tut Standing
  • Photo Message: Don't play w/ him
  • Gift: Tricolor Bow

Abraham LincolnEdit

Lyndon Johnson*Edit

  • Distributed: July 29, 2011 - August 13, 2011
  • Mii: L. Johnson
  • Dog's Breed: Beagle
  • Dogs' names: Him and Her
  • Photo: Him playing with tennis ball, while Her barks at Him.
  • Photo Message: Let Her have it
  • Gift: Pink-Contrast Tennis Ball
  • Lyndon Johnson only brings his male beagle Him out for a walk. Her can only be met through the Journal stickers. In some versions, he brings only Her for a walk instead.

Calvin CoolidgeEdit

  • Distributed: August 14, 2011 - August 27, 2011
  • Mii: C. Coolidge
  • Dog's Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Dog's name: Peter Pan
  • Photo: Peter Pan sitting.
  • Photo Message: Do you like dogs
  • Gift: Treats (Biscuit Bits)

Jimmy CarterEdit

  • Distributed: August 27, 2011 - September 9, 2011
  • Mii: Jimmy C.
  • Cat's Breed: Oriental (Pointed)
  • Cat's name: Misty M YY (Full name: Misty Malarky Ying Yang)
  • Photo: Misty M YY sitting on an armchair.
  • Photo message: It's no rabbit
  • Gift: Wind-Up Sir Nibbles

Ronald ReaganEdit

  • Distributed: September 9, 2011 - September 23 ,2011
  • Mii: R Reagan
  • Dog's Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Dog's name: Rex
  • Photo: Rex lying down and looking toward the screen.
  • Photo message: Get another soon.
  • Gift: Movie-Star Shades

Franklin Delano RooseveltEdit

  • Distributed: September 23, 2011 - October 7, 2011
  • Mii: FDR
  • Dog's Breed: German Shepherd
  • Dog's Name: Major
  • Photo: Major sitting down and facing the screen.
  • Photo Message: Nothing to Fear.
  • Gift: Scholar Glasses

George W. BushEdit

  • Distributed: October 7, 2011 - October 22, 2011
  • Mii: George W
  • Cat's Breed: Standard Cat
  • Cat's Name: India
  • Photo: India sitting and facing the screen
  • Photo Message: Miss Beazley?
  • Gift: Ten-Gallon Hat

John F. KennedyEdit

  • Distributed: October 22, 2011 - November 4, 2011
  • Mii: JFK
  • Dog's Breed: German Shepherd
  • Dog's name: Clipper
  • Photo: Clipper lying down on a Comfy Couch and looking toward the screen.
  • Photo message: Pupniks!
  • Gift: Dog & Cat Record

Woodrow Wilson Edit

  • Distributed: November 4, 2011 - November 19, 2011
  • Mii: Woodrow W
  • Dog's Breed: Bull Terrier
  • Dog's name: Bruce
  • Photo: Bruce sitting and facing the screen
  • Photo message: Will he come?
  • Gift: Rainbow Disc

Gerald FordEdit

  • Distributed: November 19, 2011 - December 2, 2011
  • Mii: G Ford
  • Dog's Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Dog's name: Liberty
  • Photo: Liberty lying down on an Antique Sofa
  • Photo message: Not a Lincoln
  • Gift: White Top Hat

Bill ClintonEdit

  • Distributed: December 2, 2011 - Today
  • Mii: B Clinton
  • Dog's Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Dog's name: Buddy
  • Photo: Buddy holding a White Rubber Bone in his mouth
  • Photo Message: I did better
  • Gift: Mario Kart


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