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Sports are toys in Nintendogs to play with your dogs and most are supposed to be reminiscent of sports (Soccer Ball, Red Flying Disc which are frisbees, etc.). These items can only be found on walks, in shops, and in Bark Mode (although most are found on walks.). These should not be confused with toys, even though some sports belong to a topic more of toys.

List of sports

Note: Best Friends exclusive items mimic Dachshund, while Dalmatian mimics Chihuahua
Sport Verison Sold for
? Block All $6.00
Bark Ball All $3.00
Bicolor Rubber Bone Labrador $1.60
Blue Camo Disc All $4.00
Blue Flying Disc All $2.40
Blue Rubber Bone Chihuahua $1.60
Broken Clock Chihuahua $2.00
Dartboard Dachshund $10.00
Dice Cushion All $5.00
Green Sponsor Disc All $5.00
Khaki Camo Disc All $4.00
Life Saver Labrador $2.00
Pink Aerodisc All $6.00
Pizza Disc All $10.00
Red Flying Disc All $2.40
Red Rubber Bone Dachshund $1.60
Rubber Mushroom All $4.00
Shower Cap Dachshund $2.00
Soccer Ball All $6.00
Tennis Ball All $2.00
Terry Cloth Cube All $4.00
UFO Labrador $10.00
White Aerodisc All $6.00
White Rubber Bone All $1.60
Yellow Flying Disc All $2.40
Yellow Sponsor Disc All $5.00