Sports is a category in Nintendogs with sports-related toys for pets to play with.

List of Sports Items

Note: Best Friends exclusive items mimic Dachshund, while Dalmatian mimics Chihuahua

Sport Version Price
? Block All $6.00
Bark Ball All $3.00
Bicolor Rubber Bone Labrador $1.60
Blue Camo Disc All $4.00
Blue Flying Disc All $2.40
Blue Rubber Bone Chihuahua $1.60
Broken Clock Chihuahua $2.00
Dartboard Dachshund $10.00
Dice Cushion All $5.00
Green Sponsor Disc All $5.00
Khaki Camo Disc All $4.00
Life Saver Labrador $2.00
Pink Aerodisc All $6.00
Pizza Disc All $10.00
Red Flying Disc All $2.40
Red Rubber Bone Dachshund $1.60
Rubber Mushroom All $4.00
Shower Cap Dachshund $2.00
Soccer Ball All $6.00
Tennis Ball All $2.00
Terry Cloth Cube All $4.00
UFO Labrador $10.00
White Aerodisc All $6.00
White Rubber Bone All $1.60
Yellow Flying Disc All $2.40
Yellow Sponsor Disc All $5.00