A Special Disc is a rare Flying Disc category which is composed of various different items that actually are not meant to be flying discs. They come in many different shapes and colors. Some examples are the UFO, Life Saver, Pizza, and Broken Clock. These act like any other disc. There are six of these to collect.

Special DiscsEdit

Note: Dachshund exclusives are in Best Friends, while Chihuahua exclusives are in Dalmatian.

Disc Version Sold for Type
Broken Clock Chihuahua $2.00 Special
Dartboard Dachshund $10.00 Special
Life Saver Labrador $2.00 Special
Pizza Disc Chihuahua $10.00 Special
Shower Cap Dachshund $2.00 Special
UFO Labrador $10.00 Special


  • The UFO, Life Saver, Broken Clock, and Dartboard appear to be heavy, but are still able to be thrown and glide like normal discs.
  • Special Discs are the only discs that don't have the same sell price for every model.
  • The Pizza Disc is the only Special Disc that returns in Nintendogs + Cats.

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