The sign to the secret path.

The Secret Path is a route you can take in Nintendogs + Cats. It appears more if you have over 5000 Owner Points and if not, it is more rare. It is a path that can be found anywhere within the four routes (Seaside, Mountains, Downtown, and Neighbourhood/Town). The secret path sign will be on the left-hand side of the screen on the Downtown, Mountains, and Neighbourhood routes, and it will be on the right-hand side on the Seaside route. When you take this route you will find many gifts and traffic cones, or grass patches if you take the Secret Path from the Main or Mountain routes. Remember to weave in between the traffic cones, because a present will magically appear. If it says, "Your dog seems anxious" at the beginning of your walk, the Secret Path is most likely in one of the routes. Also, if it says, "You might want to keep going a little longer than usual" then just stay on the same path, because it is very likely that the secret path is somewhere ahead of you. It can also say "Feel like dropping by someplace?" which is another sign that the secret path is (maybe) somewhere ahead.


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