The Seaside is an interior that can be purchased at the Interior Decorator in Nintendogs. It is unlocked by obtaining 12,000 Trainer Points in all versions of the game and costs $50,000,00, making it the second most expensive interior in the video game.

As the name suggests, this room includes a tropical beach resort for dogs to play in, though the interior cannot be accessed nor the pets are able to swim in the water.


Sunlight pours down onto white sands and blue waters of this private seaside paradise.


The Seaside is a large beach with white sand. The skies are always blue and cloudless, and you have a dock, complete with a boat, floating on the clear blue water. To the sea side, you have a view of an island and the sea. Near your house, you have a seat with an umbrella and two plants, where your dogs come out of after a bath, walk, or contest.

How to ObtainEdit

Labrador & Friends
Obtain 12,000 Trainer Points
Chihuahua & Friends
Obtain 12,000 Trainer Points
Dachshund & Friends
Obtain 12,000 Trainer Points
Dalmatian & Friends
Obtain 12,000 Trainer Points
Best Friends
Obtain 12,000 Trainer Points


  • When it is night, the sky will NOT change to nighttime for an unknown reason.
  • Even though neighborhood dogs or car engines cannot be heard at all (as the setting is heavily implied to take place in a distant island), firetruck sirens still can.
  • It is the only interior style that isn't available in the Japanese version.