The Rubber Brush is a brush recommended for use on short-haired pets. The brush is orange with a yellow handle and thick black bristles in the DS version. If you use a rubber brush for a long-haired dog, it will take longer and not clean to its maximum potential.

In Nintendogs + Cats, the rubber brush has a different design and is recommended for short-haired cats. It is blue and hemispherical, with pointed white bristles on the flat side.

Rubber Brush (3DS)


DS: "This brush removes dirt and pretties up your dog's coat. It is ideal for short-haired dogs."

3DS: "Ideal for short-haired cats, this brush polishes up your cat's coat."

Trainer Point GenerationEdit

Brushing a dog with the rubber brush generates 1-3 Trainer Points a minute. There is a Trainer Point generation method in which the player must start brushing the dog and then leave the brush on the dog or cat overnight while the DS or 3DS charges. This method generates more than 500-800 trainer points a night.


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