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Bicolor Rubber Bone.

Rubber Bones are, as the name implies, rubber bones. There are four to collect in the DS versions of Nintendogs, and two are available in each version-- the White Rubber Bone and the version-exclusive bone. All of these bones have the same shape, size, in-game description, sell price, rarity, and properties, with only a color difference. Just as in real life, dogs love to chew on these toys; however, if the player throws the bone and it hits a dog, the dog will usually become scared and refuse to play with it. The best way to play with the rubber bones is to let a puppy take it from your hand. Each Nintendogs + Cats version has one Rubber Bone that is unique to it. They can be bought from the BARC shop for $4.


Version ExclusivityEdit

Note: Rubber Bones from Best Friends mimic Dachshund while Dalmatian mimics Chihuahua. All bones sell for the same price: $1.60.

Rubber Bone Version
White Rubber Bone All
Red Rubber Bone Dachshund
Blue Rubber Bone Chihuahua
Bicolor Rubber Bone Labrador

Colors (3DS)Edit

  • Pink Rubber Bone: Striped white and pink
  • Light Blue Rubber Bone: Striped white and light blue
Rubber Bone Version
Pink Rubber Bone Toy Poodle
Light Blue Rubber Bone French Bulldog
White Rubber Bone Golden Retriever


  • Even though these toys claim to be made of rubber, when a dog grabs it, it sounds as though they are grabbing crystal.
  • In addition to sounds, the bone makes a spring-like sound upon hitting something.
  • The White Rubber Bone is the only bone available in every version of Nintendogs.


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