The RoboPup (Japanese: 犬型ロボット Robot-type Dog) is a dog breed introduced in Nintendogs + Cats. It is the only one to not cost any money and requires a voucher instead.

Once they have obtained it, the player must take it to the Kennel. After it is redeemed, the dogs will be present in many different color options.

The RoboPup will do everything any other dog will do, only that it's barking and walking sounds robotic. It still eats regular dog food, drinks water and can likewise become dirty and infested with fleas. Like all the other breeds, this is remedied with shampoo and shower.

RoboPups seem very hard to train in comparison to most regular dogs. They come untrained and often, like regular dogs, stubborn and hard to train.

Coat ColorsEdit

The RoboPup is available in many different colors that can be found by pressing "Surprise me!". There are over 22 different color combinations based on a primary body color and a secondary color for the extremities (ear tips, feet, head stripe, tail base, shoulders, and hips). The table below lists some (but not all) possible combinations.

Primary Color Secondary Color
White White / Gold / Pink
Beige Red / Blue
Gold Beige / Orange
Red Gold
Orange Red / Lime Green
Yellow Cyan
Green Yellow / Orange
Cyan Blue / Yellow
Purple Blue
Light Pink Pink / Cyan / Lime Green
Black Blue / Pink


NTSC: "This state-of-the-art robot dog is powered by dog food and plays well with real puppies."
PAL: "This state-of-the-art robot dog is powered by dog food and gets on well with other dogs."


  • Sometimes on walks, neighbors mention a mechanical noise at the back of the kennel. This noise is likely the RoboPup being made, or playing with other RoboPups.
  • The Flat-Screen TV shows a cream and blue RoboPup.