Responses are what occur when 2 dogs meet on a walk. They appear in both games, Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats.

Nintendogs Edit

In Nintendogs, there are 3 responses. They are: love, curiosity, and hatred. For the love response, the 2 dogs will be licking each other. It will come up, "It's time to say goodbye to (Owner). (Your Dog) is in a great mood after playing with (Owner's Dog)." With the curiosity response, it will say the same, except with "(Your Dog) seems curious about (Owner's Dog)." The dogs will just be doing what they were originally doing. When a dog elicits the hatred response, it will pop up the same, except with "(Your Dog) doesn't seem to like (Owner's Dog) too much." The dogs will be fighting.

Nintendogs + Cats Edit

In Nintendogs + Cats, the responses are somewhat different. Here's a list of all possible responses:

  • "Oops! (Your Dog) and (Owner's Dog) don't get along too well."
  • "Oh, (Your Dog) and (Owner's Dog) didn't seem to hit it off."
  • "It looks like (Your dog) is afraid of (Owner's Dog)."
  • "Look! (Your Dog) and (Owner's Dog) get along really well!
  • "Look! (Your Dog) made friends with (Owner's Dog)!"

Note: Replace (Owner) with the name of the owner, (Your Dog) with your dog's name, and (Owner's Dog) with the owner's dog's name.

Trivia Edit

  • In Nintendogs, curiosity is the only response that you can't get from tugging on the leash. This is because it is the default response.
  • There is no response in Nintendogs + Cats that states that the other owner's dog is afraid of your dog.
  • Some dogs are just mean and will almost always elicit the hatred response, such as Casey.
  • Other dogs are normally friendly and will almost always elicit the love response, like Spot.
  • Sometimes, it is best to just not tug on the leash and let the dogs be. Use this with dogs you know your dog hates.
  • You will not know if your dog likes the other dog unless you tug on the leash. First impressions aren't always correct.
  • Be careful about tugging on the dog's leash. If the dogs fight in Nintendogs, you will lose Trainer Points.
  • If the dogs get along, you get Trainer Points.