The Red Flying Disc is a Basic Flying Disc. It is one of the most common discs next to the Blue Flying Disc because it can be found on walks, in the Pet Supply ($6.00), and in the Discount Shop. It is red with "Flying Disc" engraved in a black outline in recursion. It has "Nintendo" engraved in the center.


Secondhand Shop: "This toy is great for play in wide-open areas. The basic model comes in three colors."

Invetory: "Touch the disc with your stylus and slide it from bottom to top to toss the disc in the air."

Nintendogs + Cats: "This basic disc is great for practicing straight throws."

Basic DiscsEdit

Note: Best Friends exclusive discs mimic Dachshund, while Dalmatian mimics Chihuahua.

Disc Version Price Sold Color
Blue Flying Disc All $2.40 Blue
Red Flying Disc All $2.40 Red
Yellow Flying Disc All $2.40 Yellow

Nintendogs + CatsEdit


Red Flying Disc in 3DS version

In Nintendogs + Cats , the Red Flying Disc makes a reappearance. It is sold at BARC in all editions for $16 and now has a completely different logo with no text. It instead pictures a cartoonish bear-like dog face on a yellow circle in the middle of a ring of stars.


  • Basic discs sponsor Nintendo, unlike Sponsor Discs and Aerodiscs which sponsor Nintendogs.

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