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Uploaded by Jellse

The Ranch House room is an Interior decorator room in Nintendogs. It must be unlocked through trainer points or Bark Mode and can be bought for $1,500. It is the default house for the Dachshund and Friends version of the game, so therefore is free of charge to players with that version.


DS: "Surrounded by airy woods, This style offers a relaxing and free-spirited atmosphere."


The house is old-fashioned with some new twists. First of all, it has a wooden floor and wall with some decorations on the walls. It also is a two story house with furniture on the second floor but the floor cannot be normally acessed. Finally, it has a view of the country side complete with a bright sunset and trees!

How to UnlockEdit

The Ranch House can be unlocked by doing Bark Mode with a player who has Dachshund and Friends, or through trainer points.

Dalmatian and Friends: 40,000 trainer points

Dachshund and Friends: available by default

Chihuahua and Friends: 40,000 trainer points

Lab and Friends: 25,000 trainer points

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