A dog with a present in its mouth

This article is about the gift boxes found by dogs on walks. If you were looking for the presents found by cats, see Cat Present.

A Present is a gift box found on walks. The bow is red and the box is white. If a player makes the dog go through a ? on the walk map in Nintendogs, it can be either a present or a dog. Rare presents are found on the ground at random spots. The area of a rare present is spotted when the dog on the map stops and the player's dog is still moving. This can also mean that Trash is coming up. To get a present at home you must not touch the screen when it goes black. It will take about 4 to 15 minutes, after that wait about 20 minutes and do not touch your while that happens or it will not work for one of your dogs to get a runaway present.

Nintendogs + CatsEdit

The Present has the same role in the 3DS version, being found on the street during a walk, similar to the "rare presents" found in the original. Presents are also received after steps are taken during a Pedometer walk. The player can also weave through traffic cones on a walk to have a present magically appear at the end of the cones, or on rare occasion, a present may be found in a patch of grass if the player leads their dog to the patch. When a present is spotted in the grass, the dog will either bark twice or dig at the grass while looking left and right.

Blue bow presentsEdit

In special events in the 3DS versions, the bow is blue instead of red. Apparently, a DLC neighbor may, every once in a while, give the player a present with a blue bow when met on a walk. When kittens give presents to their owners the bow is blue.

Gallery Edit

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