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on a Pedometer walk.

The Pedometer is a new feature introuced in Nintendogs + Cats and is the successor of Bark Mode.

When the 3DS is carried while walking or running, it counts the steps and for every 100 steps the player takes, they will receive a Play Coin and the data will be stored in their Activity Log. Up to 10 Play Coins can be only earned a day and 300 Play Coins can be stored in total. Therefore, at a rate of 1,000 steps per day, it would take 30 days (approximately one month) to reach the maximum amount of Play Coins.


When going on a pedometer walk, you must close your 3DS and walk (your dog will practically walk with you, virtually). If you don't want to walk or conditions aren't good for actual walking, you can shake your 3DS instead and its pedometer will count the shakes as steps. The more steps you take, the better the present you receive and the happier your dog will be. It gives you more Owner Points than going on a normal walk, and it will make your dog healthier.

To receive your present, all you have to do is open your 3DS, and your dog will bring the present to you. You can then close your 3DS again and walk some more. However, once you close your 3DS again, the quality of the present will depend on the additional steps that you take, not the total that you have taken.

Also, say you take 90 steps, then 99. You will get 9 biscuits for both amounts, therefore they are both in the nineties (90's).

Note: You will still receive Play Coins, even if the pedometer is only used in Nintendogs + Cats.

Pedometer GiftsEdit

Below is a list of items that you receive depending on how many steps you take. The more steps you take, the rarer the item is.

Item Range of pedometer steps
Biscuits 10-99
Fish Cookies 100-999
Beef Jerky 100-999
Bone Biscuits 100-999
Heart Cookies 100-999
Biscuit bits 100-999
Cat Grass 100-999
Wood 1000-1999
Leather 1000-1999
Rubber 1000-1999
Plastic 1000-1999
Surprise Cookie 1000-1999
High Heel 1000-1999
Piggy Bank 1000-1999
Chicken Jerky 1000-1999
Tricolor Bow 2000-2999
Bow 2000-2999
Checkered Bow 2000-2999
Striped Bow 2000-2999
Hibiscus Flower 2000-2999
Polka-Dot Bow 2000-2999
Sunflower 2000-2999
Rose 2000-2999
Dog & Cat 3000-3999
Classics 3 3000-3999
Swordplay 3000-3999
Surprise 3000-3999
Classics 4 3000-3999
Classics 5 3000-3999
Naptime 3000-3999
Classics 2 3000-3999
Classics 1 3000-3999
Kid's Bandanna 4000-4999
Bell Collar 4000-4999
Woven Collar 4000-4999
Leather Collar 4000-4999
Flower Collar 4000-4999
Camo Collar 4000-4999
Men's Knit Hat 5000-5999
Sun Visor 5000-5999
Knit Hat 5000-5999
Cap 5000-5999
Fashion Specs 6000-6999
Scholar Glasses 6000-6999
Sunglasses 6000-6999
Leather Necklace 7000-7999
Hibiscus Lei 7000-7999
Japenese-Print Collar 7000-7999
Scarf 7000-7999
Spiked Collar 7000-7999
Striped Collar 7000-7999
Metal-Link Necklace 7000-7999
Newsboy Cap 8000-8999
Leather Cap 8000-8999
Santa's Hat 8000-8999
Beret 8000-8999
Pearl Bow 8000-8999
Feathered Hat 8000-8999
Pointy Hat 8000-8999
Headpiece 8000-8999
Banana Lure 9000-9999
Pot Lid 9000-9999
Pizza Disc 9000-9999
Meat Toy 9000-9999
Burger Toy 9000-9999
Beach Ball 9000-9999
Soccer Ball 9000-9999
Lollipop 9000-9999
Classy Collar 10000-99998
Glitzy Collar 10000-99998
Southwest Collar 10000-99998
Platinum Collar 10000-99998
Heart Collar 10000-99998
Dot Collar 10000-99998
Movie-Star Shades 10000-99998
Lace Necklace 10000-99998
Faux-Leopard Collar 10000-99998
Faux-Crocodile Collar 10000-99998
Star Shades 10000-99998
Beaded Collar 10000-99998
Star Collar 10000-99998
Silver Necklace 10000-99998
Top Hat 10000-99998
Pompadour Wig 10000-99998
Pearl Necklace 10000-99998
Gold Bar 99999+

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