Peach Kart

Peach Kart on NDS

The Peach Kart, which comes from Mario Kart, is a toy that makes a cameo in Labrador and Friends version. This item is obtained by finding it as a present on the streets while taking a walk with your dog or it can be purchased from the Neighborhood BARC shop in 3DS for $30 once you reach 5,400 Owner Points (or play for 20 days), along with the Mario Kart and Yoshi Kart.

Note: If a player drives the kart into their dogs too many times, Owner points will be lost and the dogs will permanently be scared of the toy. Otherwise, dogs will usually not be scared and will enjoy chasing it around.

On the DS version, the Peach Beach music from Mario Kart Double Dash plays when the kart begin moving. It is replaced with Peach Gardens music from Mario Kart DS/Wii in the 3DS version. In the 3DS versions, the Peach Kart's design is based on the one she uses in Mario Kart Wii with the Standard Kart. There is a Bowser Kart and Mario Kart avaliable in the other versions of Nintendogs.


DS:This radio-controlled Kart features tight controls and a princess at the wheel.

3DS:Race around with Peach using A and the +Control Pad.


  • Button A - move forward
  • Button B - reverse
  • D-pad Left & Right to Steer left or right.
  • L Button(DS)/X Button(3DS) to change the camera perspective to first person view.