Park on the map

Park on the map.(NDS)

The Park is a location in Nintendogs and its 3DS sequel. In the original Nintendogs, it is marked on the map sas a big, green patch with a shape to it. Sometimes you will see one or two little dog icons in the park on the map. This indicates that there are other dog(s) playing there. When you visit the park, you can play with other trainer's dogs (if there are any.) You can also feed and water your dog here. In Nintendogs+Cats, it is possible to brush a dog here, but in the original version it is impossible

DS Version Edit

In the DS version of Nintendogs, there are two locations to go to the park. One will usually be to the northeast of the map, near your home. The other park is usually close to the southwest corner of the map. This one is usually near a beach following the south portion of the map

DS Version GlitchEdit

Main page: Nintendogs/Glitches#Infinite_Walks

There is a glitch in Nintendogs involving the Park which allows you to take your dog for "infininte" walks without having to wait for half an hour to go on another walk. When you get to the park change/put on an accessory. After the game saves, turn off your DS, then turn it back on and start the game. You should end up back in your home and when you press "Walk" in the Go Out menu, you should be able to go on another walk; however, you will not gain stamina or Trainer Points while exploiting this glitch.

Mountain park sign

The sign to enter the Mountains park

Nintendogs + CatsEdit

In Nintendogs + Cats, the park now has two locations, one on the Mountain route and one on the Seaside route. The entrance to a park is indicated by a blue sign with a white dog silhouette standing in grass. The park in the mountains is a grassy park much like the one in Nintendogs, while the one in the seaside is a sandy beach.

Again, the player can go here to interact with other owner's dogs although this time you won't know if there are any dogs there or not. Sometimes a neighbor will ask you to go to one of the parks with them, and if you accept, it will teleport you to the park. The player can also practice for the disc competitions when there are no other dogs in the park and play with toys with or without other dogs around. Players cannot feed their dogs food at the park, only treats, and the player can still brush their dog. Players also cannot play music records.

Often when you're at a park with a neighbor's dog there, you can see the neighbor's Mii standing somewhere on the edge of the park and he/she will occasionally wave.


Training in the Mountain Park is a better idea than the Seaside Park, as it is harder for a dog to chase a disc through sand. A good tactic is to begin with small throws, then throw longer, and longer as your dog progress. In order to get your dog to return the disc, you can call its name or tap on its figure in the Touch Screen, But after a lot of training, your dog will return the disc automatically (It is a good idea to tap the screen if a starter is training the dog.) 

The Seaside Park is the same, except your dog will slow down in sand, making it harder for her/him to catch discs. But the good thing is that after a lot of training in the Seaside Park, the slowness will disappear, making the sand traps in competitions have no effect (this is because your dog can get stronger each time.) Certain dogs are faster than others, meaning they are better choices for competitions. Big dogs such as Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds peform better as their legs are longer than most dogs enabling them to run fast and jump high.


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