Owner Points are the points system for Nintendogs + Cats to unlock new items and features. The Points system works like its predecessor in Nintendogs, the Trainer Points. However, there are some changes.


Each dog or cat can earn a maximum of 200 Owner Points per day, so if the player has 3 pets at home, they can earn up to 600 Owner Points. The maximum amount of Owner Points that can be earned daily is 1200 if the player has the maximum number of pets (6 pets total, 3 at home and 3 using the Pet Hotel).

Players can also earn Owner Points with different pets found on walks at the park or Café, though they cannot earn any Owner Points from StreetPass/SpotPass dogs, or pets they meet at the kennel. In order for the player to view the amount of Owner Points one dog or cat has earned, they need to click on the pet's icon at the top left when viewing its status. Next to the heart in a thought bubble, it tells them how much they earned with that pet. Total Owner Points of the player can be found by viewing the Journal, clicking on your Mii icon, and looking at the top right-hand corner of the top screen

Earning Owner PointsEdit

  • Call your pet by saying its name out loud = 2pts
  • Practice a trick by voice command = 2pts
  • Feed your pet = 8pts (Wet, Diet, Dry, or Fine Food), 6pts (Formula), 3pts (Water)
  • Feed your pet a treat = 0.33pts w/green sparkle or 0.5pts w/blue sparkle or 1pt w/pink/purple sparkle
  • Groom/Bathe your pet = 5pts (Shampoo), 10pts (Premium Shampoo)
  • Place first in a contest = 20pts
  • Place second in a contest = 10pts
  • Place third in a contest = 5pts
  • Walk your pet = 20pts maximum
  • Buy food at Café Petrov (Points depend on cost of food and gender of pet).
  • Give your pet a toy = 4* to 7pts maximum (7pts may be earned with the following sequence: Golden/White sparkle with toy = 4,  Call pet by name with toy in mouth = 2, Stroke pet before taking the toy = 1) (Toys include recyclable items, but exclude Stardust. Playing the Keyboard or Records will not earn points)
  • Interact with your pet (stroking/brushing). Stroking: each sparkle earns 2pts (regardless of color). Brushing: 1-6pts depending on number of sparkles.
  • Get a StreetPass/SpotPass For Nintendogs + Cats French Bulldog and Friends. (You Get More Owner Points In That Game.)

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