The Obedience Trial book is one of the six care books, this one explains the rules of the Obedience Trial.


Obedience Trials are events in which trainers show off how well trained their dogs are. In obedience trials, dogs must perform specific commands within the given time limit. The required commands are followed by a period of free performance. Rankings are determined based on how the judges score each dog's performance, with a perfect score being 10 points. The judges' scores are based not only on the dog's performance, but also on the dog's grooming. It is wise to thoroughly groom your dog before entering it into an obedience trial.

Commands In Each ClassEdit

1. Beginner Class
Sit; Shake; Lie Down
Free Performance

2. Open Class
Sit; Shake; Lie Down; Roll Over; Spin
Free Performance

3. Expert Class and Above
Sit; Shake; Lie Down; Spin; Roll Over; Jump; Beg
Free Performance

Teaching Your Dog TricksEdit

Practicing specific tricks with your dog will familiarize your dog with them, allowing it to perform the tricks for longer. Praising your dog each time it performs a trick in practice is very effective.

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