Walk on Nintendogs Cats

The camera is different and the main menu shows up in the walk.

Nintendogs + Cats was first announced at E3 2010 along with the unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS. A handful of pre-release screenshots were released, and contain some differences from the final game.

Early Disc CompetitionEdit

In the screenshot when the beagle is catching the Flying Blue Disc, the advert signs are basically the same Nintendo logo while in the final version, features many more made-up "advertisements" like the Cafe Petrov one and the Dog Records.

Early Modern StyleEdit

In the Screenshot where the Beagle looks around the Modern Style room, the cement walls are darker and if one looks to the right, one can see an unused brick texture.

Early WalkEdit

In the pre-release screenshot of the beagle taking a stroll down a road, it was completely different. The Leash's color scheme is the same as Nintendogs so are the houses and background. also, the angle of the walk has switched at the back of the player so it could most likely be easier to walk.

Different Bottom ScreenEdit

The lower screen (as seen in all pre-release photos,) is a little different to the final. The logo uses the old Nintendogs logo and the Journal/Diary button is missing.