The Nintendogs + Cats (Demo Version) is a demo of Nintendogs + Cats. it was only found at gaming events and selected retail stores. Later on, it was released on the the Nintendo eShop in Europe on Feburary 22, 2012. It has three "Pairs" of pets for the player to select. They are

  • Frenchie Pair: Aiai/Max the French Bulldog and Meemee/Lua PAL the Standard Cat.
  • Poodle Pair: Yanyan/Nina PAL the Toy Poodle and Doctor/Sultan PAL the Oriental Cat.
  • Retriever Pair: Gongon/Lucky PAL the Golden Retriever and Baby/Cleo PAL the Longhaired Cat.

If one of the "Pairs" are selected, the player will be transported to a room depending on the "Pair" the player has chosen. Then, the player will be able to interact and play with the pets depending on what "pair" he/she has chosen.


  • Water x30
  • Dry Food x25
  • Biscuits x50
  • Natural Bristle Brush
  • Shampoo x10
  • Capture Ball
  • Soccer/Football
  • Blue Flying Disc
  • Red Boomerang
  • Balloon x05
  • Dancing Feather Cat Wand
  • Wind-Up Miss Chickie
  • Blue Leather Collar x10
  • Woven Collar x02
  • Lace Necklace x02
  • Black Spiked Collar x02
  • Silver Necklace x02
  • Chef's Scarf x02
  • Blue Chequered Bows x02
  • Red Hibiscus Flower x02
  • Brown Safari Hat x02
  • Chef's Hat x02
  • Headpiece x02
  • Pompadour Wig x02
  • Scholar Glasses x02
  • Sporty Sunglasses x02
  • Brown Film Star Shades x02
  • Wicker Dog Bed x02
  • Comfy Couch x02
  • Wooden Cabinet x02
  • Tennis Ball

The Player MayEdit

  • Stroke the dog/cat
  • Dress up the Dog/Cat
  • Play with the dog/cat

The Player May NotEdit

  • Take the dog out for a walk
  • Buy accessories,supplies,new furniture or any new pets.
  • Sell items or recycle materials
  • Enter your dog in competitions
  • Use the pedometer
  • Teach your dog tricks
  • Drop off,pick up,swap or donate any pets
  • Visit ANY of the shops
  • Redecorate your room


  • If one Streetpasses the 3DS, and looks in the Mii Plaza, the icon for the Demo Version of Nintendogs + Cats is the same as the Golden Retriever Version for unknown reasons.
  • If the player used the Capture Ball and the player throwed it at a pet, it will be trapped in the ball and will start to roll it for two minutes of time. But the color of it is by the Pair that the player selected. It is very rare in the normal versions.
  • If the player looks in the Home Menu, the icon for the demo is the same as the icon of the Toy Poodle Version.

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