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Nintendogs + Cats is a Nintendogs game for the Nintendo 3DS. As the name suggests, this iteration features both different breeds of dogs and cats. It has much of the same style of gameplay as the other Nintendogs while having new features. Nintendo released the game on March 27, 2011 in North America as a launch title for the 3DS. It includes facial PIE recognition technology, such as a dog being able to recognize its owner. There are three different versions of the game: French Bulldog, Toy Poodle and Golden Retriever (Shiba Inu in Japan). A bundle with the Coral Pink 3DS was released in the UK on the 18th of November, 2011.

Nintendo 3DS - Nintendogs Cats Trailer02:45

Nintendo 3DS - Nintendogs Cats Trailer

New and Improved FeaturesEdit

  • Cats
  • StreetPass
  • SpotPass
  • Pedometer
  • "Dog Hotel" is renamed "Pet Hotel".
  • Improved Graphics
  • Replaced Agility Trials with Lure Courses
  • 11 new dog breeds
  • New colors for existing breeds


The game, naturally, has improved graphics. This time, your dogs and cats can have life-like graphics, looking furry and having expressive eyes! Environments in this game no longer have the white border that the DS Nintendogs games had, giving them a more full appearance. Even simple items like food or toys have a more detailed appearance.

StreetPass FunctionEdit

The built-in StreetPass application on the system lets you share game data, along with Miis. When on a walk, anyone you have shared game data with will appear on walks with one of their dogs. As long as Streetpass is currently activated for Nintendogs + Cats, the game doesn't need to currently be playing.

SpotPass FunctionEdit

With the SpotPass application, your Nintendo 3DS will connect to a nearby Internet source to check for updates and downloadable content released by Nintendo. When SpotPass is activated for Nintendogs + Cats, you will occasionally receive downloadable content, often in the form of new neighbors who will bring a puppy (or a kitten) and give you an item. For example, if you are playing Nintendogs + Cats on or around Presidents' day, you may find Abraham Lincoln on a walk with his dog, Fido.

In-Game Camera
Because the Nintendo 3DS has a camera and an SD card, Nintendogs + Cats has a camera function that makes use of the SD card. While playing the game, you can tap the camera icon on the touchscreen or press either the L or R buttons to take a photo of whatever is being displayed on the top screen. These photos will be stored on the SD card, which allows for players to transfer the photos onto their computer.


The player can choose to walk their dog in Pedometer mode, which allows them to close their 3DS, place it in their pocket, and start walking. As they walk or run, the 3DS's internal pedometer keeps track of the number of steps they take. Afterward, the player can open their 3DS, and their dog will bring them a gift. The more steps that are taken, the more rare and valuable the gift that they find, and the happier their dog will be.

(A list of items that can be found and the steps required is on the Pedometer page.)


The game now has cats. You can't do much with them, but you can play with them at home. Sometimes, if you leave the game running without interacting with the pets, a kitten will go out through your home's back door and return with a present. But you can only get a present from your kitten if you leave your 3DS on for 30 minutes without doing a thing. Not even clicking supplies. They even have access to areas of the house that the dogs do not. There are 3 types of cats available: Standard, Oriental, and Longhair.

Owner PointsEdit

Nintendogs + Cats also has brand new dog breeds below. There are a total of 27 dog breeds in the game, each version starts with 9 breeds. All breeds can be obtained in any version with Owner Points, playing a certain number of days, or by meeting them via StreetPass.

What type of Versions are there to get?Edit

You can get French Bulldog Version, Toy Poodle version, Shiba Inu Version (Japanese only) and Golden Retriever Version. The breeds with an asterisk next to the names are new breeds and were not available in the original Nintendogs games. A robotic version of a dog, RoboPup, is also available after meeting certain criteria.

Toy Poodle French Bulldog

Golden Retriever

(Shiba Inu)

Toy Poodle

French Bulldog*

Golden Retriever


Sheltie Beagle


Cavalier Spaniel Miniature Pinscher
Boxer Chihuahua Dachshund

Bull Terrier*


Labrador Yorkie Great Dane*

Shih Tzu

German Shepherd

Jack Russell Terrier


Cocker Spaniel*


Basset Hound*

Shiba Inu


The Shops have been given a new look, new names, and more items.

Pet Supply a.k.a. BARCEdit

The BARC shop sells items such as food and toys for your cats and dogs, but they don't sell collars here anymore. If you get more Owner Points, they will sell more items and even more kinds of food, discs, and even lures! The BARC shop sometimes appears on walks with each route's BARC having items that the other BARCs do not.

Secondhand Shop a.k.a. Mr. RecycleEdit

It is similar to the Secondhand Shop in the original game, but with a brand new feature: You can exchange materials you find in walks (Leather, wood, metal, rubber, plastic, and stardust) for items such as the Telephone Record, LCD TV, RoboPup Voucher, and much more.


The kennel sells cats and dogs that come in different colors. When you select a breed, you are given a list of colors or patterns, and there is now a "Surprise me!" option. Not only does "Surprise me!" bring up puppies or kittens of the breed you've chosen in random color/pattern selections, it may bring up an oddly colored/patterned puppy or kitten that you can only find via the "Surprise me!" option. For example, a "pink" Oriental kitten, a spotted Labrador. Also, if the "Surprise me!" option is selected a few times a pure white puppy or kitten may show up

Accessories a.k.a. ColettaEdit

This is a brand new shop that sells hats, collars, glasses, scarves, masks, and even bows for your dog or cat.

Interior Decorator a.k.a. Modo HomeEdit

Like the shop from the first game, you can buy home renovations to make your house look different, but it also sells furniture that you can store in your supplies and place in four of the corners of your home. Your pets will even interact with the furniture. They will sit and lay on couches and chairs, huddle around heaters for warmth, stare at TVs and fish tanks, and kittens can interact with shelves, tables, cat towers, and a piano.

Pet Hotel a.k.a. AltesseEdit

It is same as the Dog Hotel in the last game, but now it stores cats and only holds up 3 pets in care, which means that you can now own up to six pets at one time.

Cafe PetrovEdit

This is a shop that is accessible only on walks on the Downtown Route. When you enter it, you are prompted to purchase a meal for your dog that consists of some food and a drink. After you buy the meal, your puppy can roam the cafe and play. If you entered the cafe on your own, then there will be a Longhair Pointed kitten named Precious for your puppy to play with. If a neighbor whose dog has become good friends with yours invites you to the cafe, then the kitten won't be there but the neighbor's puppy will. Watching after your Nintendogs and cats everyday is very important, as these animals are just like real ones, You have to get onto your 3DS everyday to feed, play, and walk them! However, the foods the cafe serves can be fattening and although its a good way to have you puppy gain weight, stay away from it if Plump or Overfed

Cafe PetrovEdit


Doggie Mont Blanc & Juice/Coffee/Tea $7

Doggie Custard & Juice/Coffee/Tea $5

Doggie Shortcake & Juice/Coffee/Tea $6


Doggie Mont Blanc & Juice $7- A healthy dog treat in a cake shape, plus the
OJ/coffee/tea for the owner.
Doggie Custard & Juice $5- A healthy pumpkin custard for the dog, plus the
OJ/coffee/tea for the owner.


There are three types of contests in which you and your dog can enter: Disc Competition, Obedience Trial, and Lure Coursing (which replaces the Agility Trial in the original Nintendogs games for DS).


'Miss-colored AccessoriesEdit

The player must put a metal-link necklace on their pet first. If you put a top hat on your pet,it will be white instead of black.This glitch also works with the white one; the line will be white too instead of sky blue. As for the ladies, this works with black striped bows and the fancy bow, making them appear white.

Present TeleportEdit

Sometimes when your dog is at a present, it will teleport into its mouth.

Removed EarsEdit

The player must put a wig on the pet, then remove it. The ears will disappear for a split second.

Missed for No ReasonEdit

In the disc competition, the frisbee must touch the ground & get caught at the same time.If timed right,the player will miss instead of getting any points.

Face GlitchEdit

The player must have 2 to 3 pets. If they meet each other, sometimes one pet's head will be inside the other .If the player has 3 pets, 2 of them will meet each other.

Tongue GlitchEdit

When a pet is drinking the formula out of a blue asian-style bowl,the pet's tongue may glitch through the bowl.

Greedy PuppyEdit

If the player calls its puppy while it is getting a disc, ball, wind-up toy or boomerang, it will stay in the puppy's mouth. The glitch ends if the puppy drops the thing.

Headless MiiEdit

At The Secondhand Shop, the player must choose a furniture (but make sure it is not placed at home or else the glitch may not work).Then tap "Cancel" & the Mii's head will be removed for a split second.

The Following BoomerangEdit

The player must be at the cafe or the park in the mountains/beach. In order for it to work at home, he/she must have a puppy or cat. Throw the boomerang & quickly tap "Supplies". The boomerang will still be there but will disappear. If the player does not tap "Supplies" quickly enough & he/she will have to restart all over. Tap any accesories & the boomerang will follow the puppy/cat. The glitch ends if the player calls its pet & then comes back.

Greedy CatEdit

Sometimes, when the player's cat brings him/her a present, if it is left idle for too long, it will take back the present before it is opened & does its own thing. The annoying part of this glitch is that the player cannot call the cat or any pet back. If you want a present that the cat cannot open, you must leave the power on for a 3/4 hour. The trick to know if your cat is gone out for a gift is that if the cat is not in the house.

The Great EscapeEdit

The player must have 3 puppies give the puppies a soccer ball or beach ball & they will interact with it. Sometimes, 2 of the dogs will head straight to the door & the 3rd will go in circles. The 2 that were going to the door,walk into the wall where the door is (going nowhere) trying to barge past it & out the door. Sometimes, all 3 dogs will go to the door. Occasionally, one might get out but will only turn around, go back in & try to get out again. The glitch ends if the player calls the dogs.

Mr.Froggins in a Chihuahua's HeadEdit

Mr.Froggins will occasionally go through the head of a chihuahua after the puppy chases it. The chihuahua will continue to behave as if Mr.Froggins is sitll in his/her mouth,shaking an invisible toy back & forth.

Missing Strawberry HoodEdit

For whatever reason, sometimes players will be unable to get the strawberry hood from the Secondhand Shop.

I am sorry, I lost the present.Edit

Occasionally, when a cat finds a present, it will step outside for no reason and will not bring back the present. It will walk in place until the player whistles.This glitch best works if the home is in the Japanese Style.

Eating a Biscuit from Above and Having the Head DissapperEdit

The player must teach a puppy any trick that has not finished yet (Sit up or Stand Up).After you speak into the microphone, place a biscuit onto the puppy's mouth; however, the puppy will not eat the biscuit. Keep the biscuit where it was and the puppy will eat the biscuit above him/her. Then you have a 50% chance the dogs head will be invisable

Extra BiscuitEdit

The player must put the gift onto a puppy/cat's mouth. Then tap the back button when the pet eats the biscuit or else the glitch may not work. Next call your pet back. When your pet comes, you will still have the amount of biscuits.

Petting GlitchEdit

The player must hold or pet on a puppy's head. If the player decides to hold on the touch screen, release & the puppy will act like he/she is being petted. If the player decides to pet, release & the puppy will continue to be petted.

Hissing as MeowingEdit

Sometimes if a cat hisses & meows at the same time, the meow sound will play instead of the hiss sound.

Flipped-up PetEdit

When a puppy/cat jumps up a furniture, call it & then quickly, tap on another icon.You could return to the pet you have called if you like; the pet will jump off the furniture but will behave like it is walking. The higher the furniture is, the more the pet will start to behave like it is running.

Note: to see the pictures of the glitches, Nintendogs + Cats/Glitches

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