There are numerous glitches found in Nintendogs. Below is a list of glitches and how to recreate them.

High-Pitched Music Record Bug Edit

To create this glitch, get out any music record, and move the slider with the arrow to the top using good force and put on the music. This may take a few tries, but you should be able to hear the difference when it comes up. The music will sound slightly warped like if you play the voice recording on the keyboard while holding up on the D-Pad/Circle Pad. The difference is more noticeable in some songs than others, so listen closely. It seems to be most noticeable in Smilin' Dog.

Puppy Press-upsEdit

To recreate this glitch, the player must play the Flower Waltz Record and focus the camera on one puppy until their puppy starts to do press-up-like movements, then the player must take the record needle off the record and their puppy will still do press-ups even if they go to the main screen and take the camera off that puppy.The puppy will stop doing press-ups when the player calls it, plays another record, gives it a bath/brush, enters it in a contest, or walks it. The player's other dogs may start to do press-ups as well.

Puppy ZombiesEdit

For this glitch, the player needs a Keyboard bought from a Discount Shop. To recreate the glitch, play random keys on the Keyboard until all dogs are singing. Then the player will have to close the system until the dogs bark through the speakers, then open it again. The dogs should be on the screen as if the game were at the home menu. At this point, the player needs to move the D-Pad/Circle Pad so the camera moves, and the dogs will walk towards the player like zombies, hence the name of the glitch.

Trainer Point Gaining TrickEdit

The player must have a brush to do this glitch. He/she will have to brush their dog and then close the DS as soon as the brush scene starts. After being left on for a while, when the player opens the DS and quits brushing, they will have found that they have gained an abnormal number of Trainer Points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The player needs to feed and water his/her dog before he/she performs the glitch, as they may perform the glitch through the night and the dog may end up famished and/or parched when the player comes on, hence gaining fewer points/actually losing points.

Abnormal Dog HeadEdit

To activate this glitch, call your puppy over to you. If you pull its tail in the opposite direction its head is facing, its head will turn 360 degrees. Note that this glitch was removed in all versions of Nintendogs + Cats.

Infinite WalksEdit

This glitch works in the DS version of Nintendogs only because on Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS, you can do unlimited walks anyway. To do it, the player will need to take their puppy for a walk. while on the walk, try and get as many "?" signs as you can, but make sure they are all on a path to the park. Once at the park, change the pet's accessory (or put something on if the dog isn't wearing anything). Let it save first and then turn off your DS. If you turn it back on and play Nintendogs, you should end up back in your home with the presents you may have found from the walk saved in your Supplies list. You should then be able to go for another walk without having to wait for half an hour. The good thing is that you can do it over and over again.

Note: You will not gain Trainer Points or build up stamina while going on infinite walks with this glitch.

Infinite CompetitionsEdit

This glitch, similar to the infinite walks glitch, allows you to do infinite competitions. Turn the date back days from the present, set the time to 11:59 PM (or 23:59) then go to your Nintendogs game and pet a dog for about a minute. You might gain trainer points and you will still win your money. This does not work on Nintendogs + Cats.

Important Note: If you do this while any dogs on the half-hour waiting period between walks, you will have to wait until the next real-life day to walk your dog. You also cannot just flat-out skip to the next day or you will have to wait another 24 hours to enter another competition. You cannot teach an infinite amount of tricks with this glitch either.

Dancing DogEdit

To do this, follow the "Abnormal Dog Head" glitch, but when your dog turns to look at his/her tail, switch to the other side, and do it again until your dog lunges backward and lands on his/her back. When it does this, pet the back leg closest to you, and your dog will swing its head back and foward until it gets up.

Tail UnderfloorEdit

When a dog is doing the Lie Down trick and the player pets it, the dog may begin to wag its tail. If the dog is turned to the side while lying down or the player changes the camera angle so the dog's head is facing left or right, the dog's tail will go into the ground. When the dog gets up, its tail will act strangely, but after a while it clears up.

Separated ShadowsEdit

When the player throws a Flying Disc to a dog and the dog picks it up and brings it back to the player, the shadows of the flying disc and dog are separated even though the dog appears to be holding the disc in its mouth. This would not be the case in real life because that would just be weird. This is because the game recognizes the dog and disc as two separate objects. This glitch also works with any item that can be held in the mouth such as Rubber Mushrooms, though the glitch can be seen best with a Flying Disc.

Puppy Disc FlipEdit

If a player has any type of disc (works best with a life ring) and throws it in the park at a distance where a puppy can catch it in midair, the dog may do a flip/backflip when catching it. It is unknown whether this was actually meant to happen or not. This also happens in Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS.

Rare Present GlitchEdit

If the player tugs on the lead during a walk to make their dog run, and a rare present appears, the dog will stop when the rare present is on the edge of the screen, get the present as normal, but then face right and put its paws on the right side of the screen as if its owner was on the right side of the DS. The dog will react as normal when the present is opened, but stay on the right side. This is a harmless glitch and there does not seem to be anything wrong with the items obtained while this glitch is in use.

Easy Understanding Edit

This glitch is uncommonly easy: to do this, you must name your dog in a loud but clear place for your dog to hear you, like the car or at a loud baseball game. When you finally do this, name your dog. When you return to the homeroom, your dog will hear you. Do not call them by their name. They can hear you by other environmental real-world noises such as cars and talking. They will come to you, so this glitch is useful to call your dog without having to say their names out loud. This can happen with commands, too, though more common with the Sneeze command.

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