Nintendogs (Japanese: ニンテンドッグス stylized as nintendogs) is a pet simulation game developed by Nintendo EAD1 for the Nintendo DS. The game was released in three versions; Chihuahua & Friends, Labrador & Friends and Dachshund & Friends. They were released on April 21, 2005 in Japan, August 22, 2005 in North America, September 22, 2005 in Australia, October 7, 2005 in Europe and May 3, 2007 in South Korea. It was released on the iQue DS in China on December 12, 2009, only as Labrador & Friends.

A fourth edition, known as Dalmatian & Friends was released on October 16, 2006 in North America, June 16, 2006 in Europe and November 2, 2006 in Australia. A bundle-exclusive version, known as Best Friends was released only in North America on October 24, 2005.

A follow-up, titled Nintendogs + Cats was released in March 25, 2011 as one of the Nintendo 3DS's launch titles and like the original game, it was released in three versions.



The Nintendogs logo, along with a few of the unlockable breeds in the game.

In all versions of Nintendogs, you start out by buying your first dog. After you buy it, you care for it by feeding it, watering it, playing with it, and training it. The game primarily uses the DS's touchscreen to interact with your dog. The game also uses the DS microphone for tricks. For example, the game makes you teach your dog "sit" or "Sit down" as it's first trick. You accomplish this by sliding the dog into a sitting position then saying "Sit" into the microphone. Later on in the game you can purchase more dogs to take care of, and enter different contests.


Main Article: Nintendogs/Beta

Nintendogs originally started out as a tech demo for the Nintendo GameCube.

Starter Breeds Edit

Depending on the version the player gets, the breeds they start out with may be different. The rest of the Breeds can be unlocked either by acquiring Trainer Points, completing special requirements or communicating with another dog with a breed the player hasn't unlocked via Bark Mode.

Breed ChihuahuaGameIcon LabradorGameIcon DachshundGameIcon DalmatianGameIcon BestFriendsGameIcon ChihuahuaJPGameIcon ShibaInuGameIcon DachshundJPGameIcon
Labrador Retriever NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick
Miniature Dachshund NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick
Chihuahua NTD Tick NTD Tick
Yorkshire Terrier NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick
Toy Poodle NTD Tick NTD Tick
Pembroke Welsh Corgi NTD Tick NTD Tick
Shiba Inu NTD Tick NTD Tick
Boxer* NTD Tick NTD Tick
Shetland Sheepdog NTD Tick NTD Tick
Pug NTD Tick NTD Tick
Beagle NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick
German Shepard Dog NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick
Golden Retriever* NTD Tick NTD Tick NTD Tick
Shih Tzu NTD Tick NTD Tick
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel NTD Tick NTD Tick
Siberian Husky* NTD Tick NTD Tick
Miniature Pinscher NTD Tick NTD Tick
Miniature Schnauzer NTD Tick
Dalmatian* NTD Tick

*Exclusive to the American, European, Korean and Chinese version.


Other EditionsEdit

Best FriendsEdit


The teal Nintendo DS Bundle.

On October 24, 2005, the Nintendogs DS Bundle was released in North America containing a special edition of the video game, known as Nintendogs: Best Friends. This bundle came in two colors, Pearl Pink and Teal and included a special skin and a cleaner.

While the game itself is mostly-unchanged, the starter breeds are different (Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Dachshund.) and includes a unique title screen. Also, the version-exclusive items that can be found are the same as Dachshund & Friends.


The Pink Nintendo DS Lite Bundle.

The bundle was released again in North America on November 23, 2007, this time with a Nintendo DS Lite coming in Metallic Pink or Cobalt Blue color. While the DS Lite itself has a paw print marked on it, the cleaner strap wasn't included in the bundle.

Dalmatian & FriendsEdit


A Dalmatian wearing the Fireman's Hat.

Dalmatian & Friends was first released in Europe on June 16, 2006, released on October 16, 2006 in North America, and November 2, 2006 in Australia. Unlike Best Friends, the game was released as a standalone.

The game includes the elusive Dalmatian breed that is available from the beginning of the game along with the rare Fireman's Hat. The version-elusive items that can be found in the game are taken from Chihuahua & Friends.


A special event known as "Nintendogs Tricks and Treats Weekend" was held across over 3,600 GameStop stores all over the United States on the weekend of October 28, 2005 until October 30, 2005. Nintendo of America donated $50,000 towards the ASPCA for the event, that goes towards real-life pets with various issues.[1]

For whom who participated in the event, players could use Bark Mode when they entered GameStop and get themselves a Pair of Star Sunglasses from Haylie Duff's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Bentley along with a special White Record message from herself.

Even after the event, players could still get special reward in fewer GameStop stores until sometime in 2007.[2]



  • As of 2014, Nintendogs is the second best-selling game for the Nintendo DS, just behind New Super Mario Bros.
  • Contrary to popular belief, dogs CANNOT have puppies in this game. The same goes for the sequel.



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