• DS version.
  • DS version.
  • A German Shepherd wearing the cap (3DS).

The Newsboy Hat (Newsboy Cap in the 3DS version) is a type of headgear that can be found on walks. In Nintendogs it can be sold for $16. In Nintendogs + Cats it can be bought from Coletta for $22 after unlocking it with 3,000 Owner Points or playing for at least 14 days.

In Nintendogs the hat has a short brim, with everything except the white button top having vertical blue, white, and light green stripes all over. In Nintendogs + Cats the cap is instead a checkered blue.


  • DS: "This classic pauper's hat is a timeless piece of headgear."
  • 3DS: "This checkered cap is a timeless piece of historical headgear."