On a walk, you can meet your Neighbors (Neighbours in UK) and their dogs. The dogs and their owners have their own personalities. They were created by Nintendo. The neighbors met depend on the version.


  • Spot the Shiba Inu, owned by Archie Hubbs.
  • Sammy the Poodle, owned by Ted.
  • Sasha the Corgi, owned by John.
  • Fathom the Dachshund, owned by Nate.
  • Murphy the Chihuahua, owned by Ann.
  • Angel the Pinscher, owned by Meimei. 
  • Maggie the Yorkie, owned by Chantal. 
  • Bear the Schnauzer, owned by Adam
  • Fido the Sheltie, owned by Bob. 
  • Pik the Sheltie, owned by Shiggy. 
  • Puffy the Pug, owned by Jane. 
  • Rusty the Yorkie, owned by Matthew. 
  • Petey the Schnauzer, owned by Maria.
  • Coby the Chihuahua, owned by Emily.
  • Wanda the Cavalier, owned by Jack
  • Peaches the Pug, owned by Pedro.
  • Chelsea the Pinscher, owned by Carmen. 
  • Trouble the Shepherd, owned by Arnie. 
  • Buster the Poodle, owned by Tyrone. 
  • Cole the Beagle, owned by Chuck. 
  • Butters the Labrador, owned by Alan. 
  • Eclair the Shiba Inu, owned by Audrey. 
  • Logan the German Shepherd, owned by David 
  • Casey the Shih Tzu Owned by Morgan. 
  • Aster the Dachshund owned by Billy
  • Buster the Beagle, owned by Leslie. 
  • Elroy the Chihuahuha, owned by Rich. 
  • Poppi the Labrador, owned by Tom.
  • Charlie the Shih Tzu, owned by Meghan.
  • Nugget the Shiba Inu, owned by Erik.
  • Deacon the Corgi, owned by Tim. 

Nintendogs + Cats (NTSC/PAL)Edit

In the new games, the neighbors are now seen as Miis, unlike the original version. They have their own dogs on walks, and behave with your dogs depending on their personalities (You can look at their personalities in their pet info when at the park unlike the old game.).

  • Buddy/Tico the Great Dane, owned by Kate/Paula. Buddy/Tico is mossy colored with spots (Harlequin color) and wears a green camo collar.
  • Lily/Chipie the Dalmatian, owned by Marie. Lily/Chipie has spots and black ears with some red bows and wears a brown leather collar.
  • Rex/Billy the German Shepherd, owned by Conner/Adriano. Rex/Billy is dark colored and wears the silver chain-link necklace.
  • Rebel/Lana the Chihuahua, owned by Jacob/Alfredo. Rebel/Lana is white and brown (possibly Red & White) and wears a white hibiscus flower and a Denim Collar.
  • Chibi/Cloe the Pomeranian, owned by Mina/Roberta. Chibi/Cloe is white and brown (Parti-Color) with a brown collar and a red rose flower.
  • Gus/Medor the Minature Schunauzer, owned by Vinny/Vincent. Gus/Medor is Pepper & Salt and wears a red bow tie.
  • Cooper/Kees the Jack Russell, owned by Zach/Ben. Cooper/Kees is light brown (Lemon & White) with a blue bandanna.
  • Sasha/Juli the Siberian Husky, owned by Richard/Peter. Sasha/Juli is black and white with a striped collar.
  • Benny/Rover the Boxer, owned by Ally/Liz. Benny/Rover is brown and wears the chef's scarf.
  • Lucky/Piloto the Shiba Inu, owned by Kenji/Alberto. Lucky/Piloto is beige and white and wears a Blue Japanese Print Collar.
  • Zoe/Lisa the Beagle, owned by Rosa/Nikki. Zoe/Lisa is Tricolor and wears Scholar Glasses and an Orange leather collar.
  • Max/Pirat the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, owned by Carmen/Tanya. Max/Pirat is Sable & White with a Leather Necklace.
  • Rocco/Basti the Yorkie, owned by Tonya/Miriam. Rocco/Basti is Black & Tan and wears a Stunt Helmet.
  • Loulou/Trixie the Dachshund, owned by Joe/Bob. Loulou/Trixie is Black & Tan and wears ribbons.
  • Pepper/Dina the Shetland Sheepdog, owned by Noah/Kirill. Pepper/Dina is Sable & White and wears a Beaded collar.
  • Stella/Kira the Bull Terrier, owned by Grace/Alexandra. Stella/Kira is Brindle & White and wears a Heart Collar (In the UK version, she wears a Lace collar instead.)

Names in bold are for the the NTSC version.

Names in normal are for the PAL version.

Names in bold and italic are for both versions.

Gallery Edit


  • In the UK/PAL version of Nintendogs + Cats, all of the neighbors and dogs names are different (execept for Spot and Marie (one of the owners) for an unknown reason.
  • Unlike Ted Rumsworth and Archie Hubbs, the neighbors in the original Nintendogs games are unseen for unknown reasons.
  • In the original game, many of the neighbor dogs are mean except for Spot, Bear, Wanda, Maggie, Fido, Sasha, and their owners. In Nintendogs + Cats, many neighbor dogs are friendly.
  • Sometimes, the only ways to make friends with pets who usually don't get along is to have your pet calm, have the same personality as that pet, not having your dog in a tired mood, and/or to have it in a happy mood.

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