The Mario House style home

The Mario Style (Known as Mario House) is a home remodel style in Modo Home in Nintendogs + Cats, which costs $4,000. This home has tan flooring with numerous 8-bit Mario and Luigi pictures on it, walls with the classic Mario background, and a Yoshi egg pattern rug. It appears to be a two-story house, and an open countryside is visible through the green pipe that passes through a glass wall. Although the best part is that when you buy it you can hear (faintly in the background) the Mario theme. (If you have records you can change the background music.)

There is a flight of green stairs with wood siding leading up to the second floor. A kitchen and a sitting room are clearly visible in this home, and there is a shelf on the wall between the kitchen and the stairs. The walls of the kitchen are designed with mushroom-like platforms and the walls of the sitting room are designed with scenery from the underwater levels.

When a kitten goes out to find a present, it goes out into the countryside through the green pipe in the glass wall.

Kittens can jump on the stairs or counter.


3DS: "Warp to the Mushroom Kingdom in this fun and quirky room."


In all three versions, it must be unlocked with 4,200 Owner Points or by playing 17 days.


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