Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. In most of his games, he saves Princess Peach from the king of Koopas, Bowser.

Items in NintendogsEdit

Several items related to the Mario Series appear in Nintendogs.

Items in Nintendogs + CatsEdit

There are also items related to Mario in the new 3DS game.


In 1981, Mario made his first appearence in the arcade game Donkey Kong. Later, Mario made his non-Donkey Kong appearence in Mario Bros, the game in which his younger yet taller brother Luigi was introduced in. Then, in 1985, the due made their first and well-known appearence, Super Mario Bros. Mario continues to rescue Peach to this day, and has even had his own sub-series, such as Mario Kart and Mario Party.


  • When Mario originally appeared, he had his overalls red instead of blue. But starting with Super Mario Land, his overalls became blue, while his undershirt became red.
  • He was created by the same Japanese man who made Nintendogs.
  • It is unknown if Mario will ever make an actual appearence in the Nintendogs series (Other than the items that are Mario-related).

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