The Maltese (Japanese: マルチーズ Maltese) is a breed of dog introduced in Nintendogs + Cats. It comes from the Central Mediterranean area, around Malta and the Italian island of Sicily. The oldest record of this breed was recorded in Greece.

In Nintendogs + CatsEdit

Coat ColorsEdit

The Maltese can only come in one colour option: White. However, it can have either brown, gray, or black patches on their faces and bodies.


NTSC: '"Receiving its name from the island of Malta, this breed boasts a silky, pure-white coat."
PAL: "This breed from the Mediterranean boasts a soft coat of pure white."

Unlocking the BreedEdit

Toy Poodle & New Friends Obtain 2,100 Owner Points
Play for 11 days
Golden Retriever & New Friends Starter Breed
French Bulldog & New Friends Obtain 3,400 Owner Points
Play for 15 days


One of the neighbors owns a Maltese.

  • Sadie/Lulu (PAL), owned by Sally (Competitions Only)

Further InformationEdit

The Maltese (Latin: Canis Melitaeus) is usually a show dog, given that it has long, silky fur. They, like other breeds such as the Bichon and other small dogs, are prone to reverse sneezing (also known as the mechanosensitive aspiration reflex).


Trivia Edit

New Bitmap Image

The "Maltese" displayed in-game in Nintendogs. Its character model is represented by a Beagle.

  • The breed was originally going to appear in Nintendogs, but it was scrapped in development and uses an earlier placeholder Beagle model. The only way to acquire it is to use a save file editor.