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It's easy to help out your pooch, but if you don't know how, read this!

1. Adopt a pet Edit


Choose a dog (or cat) that you like, and bring it home. You can also pet it when you're at the kennel.

2. Name your pet Edit


First, feed your dog, and give it water. Then think of a name. Call your dogs over by pressing the center button on the bottom screen. Tap on your dog, and follow the instructions that it says. Say the name 3 times in the same tone.

3. Give your pet a bath Edit


You can see if your dog or cat needs a bath. It will look dark, and have fleas jumping off it.

This problem is easy to fix. Select your dog's shampoo, and scrub it with some soap. It will be a sponge icon. Then rinse it off with the shower spout icon. Repeat this until sparkly. When it's sparkly, rinse it. The rinse icon will flash when it's time.


4. Give your pooch a walk Edit


Walk in the DS version


A walk in the sequel games.

If you want to walk your dog, just tap the 'go out' button, and you will have multiple choices. In the DS versions, you can draw where you want to go. Depending on how many walks (or love) you have done with your dog, you'll be able to go farther.


5. Brush your pet Edit


Brushing a dog in the DS version

In the DS versions of the games, you select the brush you want, and your dogs icons will pop up. Press the dog you want to brush and swipe the stylus across the dog to brush it. In the sequels, you call your pet(s) select the dog you would like if you where going to pet them, and then, on the right side of the bottom screen will be your treats, and brush. You can select different kinds of brushes, also.

6. Feed your dog Edit

Go to your items, and select the food you want to feed your pet. In the sequels, you can put it into different bowls if you'd like. Do the same for water or milk.

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