The Green Hat (Japanese: 緑の帽子 Midori no bōshi) or called the Luigi's Hat (Japanese: ルイージの帽子 Luigi no bōshi) in Nintendogs + Cats is an accessory item in Nintendogs and the follow-up. It can be sold at the Secondhand Shop for $20.00 in Nintendogs and cannot be sold in Nintendogs + Cats.

It has the appearance of a green, dome-shaped hat, with an "L" at the front of it. The green "L" stands for Luigi, an iconic character that makes appearances in most Nintendo games. Its counterpart, the Red Hat, belongs to Luigi's brother, Mario.


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In Nintendogs + Cats, It is only viewable through the AR Camera. One comes with the second American distribution of Honest Abe via SpotPass DLC, cannot be sold in the Secondhand Shop, or be set as a StreetPass present.



"This hat is standard gear for mustachioed apprentice plumbers."

Nintendogs + CatsEdit

"This hat is standard gear for mustachioed younger bros."


  • This accessory is the only one from the AR Camera to be distributed at Downloadable Content outside of Japan.
    • In Europe, this accessory wasn't distributed at all leaving the European-English description unused.