Gold bar

The Gold Bar in the 3DS version.

The Gold Bar is an item that can be found in both Nintendogs versions. It is a very rare item that can be found on walks. In the DS version, the player can find a Gold Bar in a present while on walks; if they already have one, it increases the chances of getting a Promise Ring. In the 3DS version, it is an unlockable item (10,600 Owner Points or play 33 days) that can be purchased for $9,999 in the Mountains BARC, or found using the Pedometer. When pet(s) try to touch the gold bar, there is a magnetic force that keeps them from touching it which makes them shake.

Secondhand ShopEdit

The gold bar is the second most valuable item in the game. In the DS versions, the gold bar sells for $2,000 at the Secondhand Shop. In Nintendogs + Cats, it sells for $3,333 at the Secondhand Shop, which is one third of what is paid for. This is a mistake because gold, unlike other items, does not lose value therefore it's a waste of money. The player can also find it if a cat brings it for them as a present, though this seldom happens.


DS and 3DS NTSC: "This bar is made of 99.9% pure gold, making it quite valuable."

3DS PAL: "This hefty ingot is made of 99% pure gold and is very valuable."


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