Glasses are lenses that are placed in front of the eyes of dogs and cats. In Nintendogs, they come in two types. In the 3DS sequel, they come in more types.

Here is the list of all the types of glasses in both games.

Pair of 3-D GlassesEdit


Pair of 3-D Glasses

DS: "These groovy glasses boast different-colored lenses. For adventurous types..."

Pair of Business GlassesEdit

DS: "These glasses leave a real impression. People will know your pup is all business."

Pair of Business Glasses

3DS: "With these glasses, people will know your pet means business."

Pair of Scholar GlassesEdit

DS: "Just wearing these handy glasses makes your puppy look much



Pair of Scholar Glasses

3DS: "Just wearing these glasses will make your pet look smarter."

Pair of Party GlassesEdit

DS: "Put these on a puppy that longs to be the life of party and let it rock!"

Pair of Red Fashion SpecsEdit


Pair of Party Glasses

3DS NTSC: "These simple but stylish red specs always look swanky."

3DS PAL: "Simple but stylish red shades for a swanky look."

Pair of Black Fashion SpecsEdit

3DS: "These solid-black frames are the height of fashion."

Pair of Victory GlassesEdit

3DS: "Some prestigious glasses only awarded to competition champions."

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