Foods are items needed to feed the player's dog/cat.


Drinks keep your dog quenched. If your dog is thirsty or hungry, it can't enter a contest. The two types of drinks are Water and Milk/Formula. If your dog cannot enter a contest or it is thirsty then give it some. Pets will usually become thirsty when you turn on the game, or after a walk or contest. There are four levels of thirst: Quenched, Normal, Thirsty, and Parched. Pets will usually not drink if they are Quenched or Normal. They become Parched if you leave them Thirsty for a long period of time, or you do not play your game for a long period of time.


Milk/Formula (3DS)


You will need 300 Trainer points to unlock milk to buy. This is the best drink if you are trying to get more trainer points or trying to fatten up your dog a bit. If you still have one dog, don't buy a lot of this, but it's great for three dogs. In the DS version, it is a Milk Carton, and in the 3DS version, it comes in a glass bottle and is simply called Formula. It costs $3. Giving your puppy this will earn you more trainer points than water. With wet dog food, your dog will gain weight quickly from this drink.


Water is the basic drink for pets, and it is already available when you first start the game. It comes in a plastic bottle, and it's good for any number of pets. It costs only $1. It is healthier than Milk/Formula.


Treats won't do much to your dog's hunger, but if it just did a trick or if it obeyed you on a walk, you can give it one to reward it. You can also use any kind of treat for a reward during walks. Make sure to have a steady supply of treats, because dogs can chow through them quickly!

Dog BiscuitEdit

Dog Biscuits are a type of treat that you can find at the start of the game. It is primarily used for teaching tricks and on walks. It costs only £1/$1, but it won't give you as many trainer points as other treats and is a bit fattening.
HNI 0015 2

A King Charles Spaniel hoping for some jerky.

Jerky TreatEdit

Jerky Treat is a type of meaty treat. In the 3DS versions, you can find it while using the Pedometer. In the DS versions, Jerky Treats are found at the Discount Shop, but you have to earn them with trainer points.

Puppy ChewEdit

The Puppy Chew is a rawhide bone in the 3DS versions.

Cat GrassEdit

Cat Grass was introduced in the 3DS versions. It's a potted grassy plant that is supposed to be given to kittens, but can be given to puppies too.

Fish JerkyEdit

This is a type of jerky treat introduced in the 3DS versions, made of what looks like slices of salmon. Although it's meant for kittens, it can be given to puppies. It can be found while using the Pedometer. It costs $2.

Surprise BiscuitEdit

This is a biscuit treat that makes your puppy's or kitten's bark/meow higher pitched for a small amount of time. It can be found on walks or while using the Pedometer.

Heart CookiesEdit

Heart Cookies are introduced in Nintendogs + cats. Each can be bought in the NinBARC shop for $3 and sold for $1. They are shaped like hearts.

Chicken JerkyEdit

This is a treat meant for cats. When offered to a cat, it will take it immediately and chew on it, then will get the catnip effect. Can be found on pedometer walks or as a gift from a Mii.

Puppy BiscuitsEdit

This is a dog treat introduced in the 3DS versions. They are shaped like dogs and can be found using the Pedometer or as a gift from a Mii.

Bone Biscuits Edit

This is a new treat in Nintendogs + Cats that may possibly be fattening. The biscuits look like dog bones.


The types of food are dry food, dog/cat food can, premium canned food, natural dog food bag, and diet food. Pets must be fed when they are hungry. Pets will become hungry when you turn on your game, or sometimes when you come back from a walk or contest. There are four levels of hunger: Full, Normal, Hungry, and Famished. Pets will usually not eat when they are Full or Normal. They must be fed when they are Hungry, or they will become Famished. Pets will also become Famished if you don't play your game for a long period of time.

In the 3DS version, you can change the bowl that is used by clicking on the name of a food (usually to get the description), and then in the corner you will see the bowl currently used. Click on the arrows to change the bowl.

Dry FoodEdit

Dry Food is the first type of food you will get. You will need a lot of Dry Food because it's a low level food, great for one dog. In the 3DS versions, there is also Dry Food for cats. It costs $1.

Wet FoodEdit

The next best food. You will need 300 Trainer points to unlock Dog Food Can to buy. This is good for two dogs. In the 3DS version, it is called Wet Food, and it should not be fed to puppies too often as it has a high calorie content and will make your puppies gain weight. It costs $5.

Premium Canned FoodEdit

Introduced in Nintendogs + Cats, this wet food is more nutritionally balanced than Wet Food, so it's less likely to make your puppy gain weight.

Natural Dog Food BagEdit

The best food for when you have three dogs. Natural Dog Food Bag is unlocked at 10,000 trainer points, and it is the most expensive food available in the DS version.

Diet FoodEdit

Introduced in Nintendogs + Cats, the Diet Food is the food of choice for when your puppy's physique goes from Ideal to Plump and above. It costs $5.

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