Fido is a Light brown Shetland Sheepdog in Nintendogs, he can be found on walks and at the park, his owner is Bob, and sometimes is nice, like most dogs are.

In Dachshund and FriendsEdit

He is friendly and will play along with your dogs, but if you don't clean your dog or don't pick the poop up, then Fido will not get along with your dog very well.

In Chihuahua and FriendsEdit

Bob and Fido take the place of Erik and Nugget in this version. Fido isn't friendly and fights with most dogs.


  • Fido is one of the only pets in Nintendogs that can be found in more than one version of the original games.
  • Fido's trainer Bob may have an appearance in Nintendogs and Cats, though his American name is Joe, and is called Bob only in the UK version. Fido does not appear, but Loulou (Trixie in the UK), a dachshund, appears.

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