NOTE: This list does not apply to the 3DS sequel Nintendogs+Cats

Etc. is a category section for supplies that can't be put into other categories. These are all unusual [looking] toys, making most dogs scared of them.

Name Sell


Black Boot $9.00 all

Disposable Camera



Dog Photo $2.00 all
Fine Vase $100.00 all


$30.00 all
Gold Bar $2000.00 all
High Heel $6.00 Labrador & Friends
Jack Russell Book $3.60 all
Weird Alien $600.00 all
Leather Shoe $6.00 Dachshund & Friends
Meteorite $150.00 all
Moai Statue $100.00 all
Piggy Bank $2.00 all
Plain Fine Vase $100.00 all
Promise Ring $1000.00 all
Pump $6.00

Chihuahua & Friends

Shuttle Model $50.00 all
Stick $0.50 all
Stuffed Bear $60.00 all
Stuffed Dog $50.00 all
Tissue Box $1.00 all
Very Fine Vase $200.00 all
White Boot $9.00 all