The Early American (Japanese: アーリーアメリカン Early American) is an Interior Decorator room in Nintendogs. It is available from the beginning in all games, and is the default interior in Dalmatian & Friends. It costs $1,000, making it the second cheapest interior in the game.


The wallpaper has silver patches and the floor has big brown "tiles", the trendy room has old classic American furniture along with some pictures and a space heater.


"Reminiscent of a classic American home, this living space offers a friendly patchwork feel."

How to ObtainEdit

Chihuahua & Friends
Available from the start
Labrador & Friends
Available from the start
Dachshund & Friends
Available from the start
Dalmatian & Friends
Default interior style
Best Friends
Available from the start


Wwsm nintendoghouse
  • Despite the flooring being used from the Ranch House, this house is actually the same one used in a Warioware Smooth Moves microgame, involving a Nintendog.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Italian: Vecchia America Chinese: 早期美国

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