The Dog Training Book is one of six care books, with this one informing the player about how to take care of their pups.

Using Voice CommandsEdit

Voice commands are key in training your dog. There are several ways to ensure your voice training is successful. Pronounce voice commands clearly and completely. This is the most important point. To avoid confusing your dog, avoid different commands that sound the same. Also, to ensure your commands are conveyed clearly, use the same pronunciation and intonation each time.

The ? IconEdit

If a red ? appears during voice training, your dog could not understand your command. If a blue ? appears, it means your dog confused the command with another command it already knows.


Hold your dog's front paw and lift it up. After lifting its front paw, touch the training icon and teach your command for shake.

Lie DownEdit

When your dog is sitting, touch its head and quickly slide down its snout. Your dog should then lie down. Touch the training icon and teach it your verbal command for lie down.

Roll OverEdit

When your dog is sitting or lying down, slide sideways across your dog to make it lie on its side. When your dog is lying on its side, slide up its belly to get it to roll onto its back. Touch the training icon and teach it your command for roll over.


If you grab and hold your dog's tail for a while, it may start to run in circles, chasing its tail. Touch the training icon and teach it your command for spin.


When your dog is standing, touch its belly and slide up its neck to get your dog to do a begging motion. Touch the training icon and teach it your command for beg. It should be noted that the begging pose can be quite hard for dogs to do. If your dog is not yet very loyal and obedient, it might not do the begging motion.

Other TricksEdit

This book introduces only the most basic commands that dogs can learn, but there are many others besides these. Pay daily attention to your dog to see what other actions you can get your dog to perform!