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The disc competition in Nintendogs + Cats.

Disc competitions (Japanese: ディスクドッグ大会 disc dog competition) is a type of competition in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. The player must throw a flying disc and their dog must catch it before it hits the ground.


The player is given a time limit in which they must throw a frisbee multiple times for the dog to catch. The farther the throw, the more points gained. The player may also get one additional point if the dog jumps to catch the disc in mid-air. In Nintendogs + Cats there are bonus areas introduced in the Amateur Cup, where two points will be added to the player's score if a dog catches a disc in here. Jumping while in the bonus area will earn at least three bonus points. If a dog drops the disc or misses it before it hits the ground, no points will be earned.

In Nintendogs the player will be alone with their dog on a wide open field. In Nintendogs + Cats the competition will instead take place with two other trainers sharing the field. These dogs will not distract the player's dog, but they may bump into each other or trip, slowing the player's dog down.

In Nintendogs + Cats, there are sand pits introduced in the Pro Cup. If a dog has not trained to run in sand pits then they will slow down while running in them. In this case it would be best for the player to throw their disc away from the sand pits to avoid them.


Course Standard time Points needed Money earned
Beginner $100 for first place
$50 for second place
$30 for third place
Open 60 seconds $200 for first place
$100 for second place
$60 for third place
Expert 60 seconds $300 for first place
$150 for second place
$90 for third place
Master $600 for first place
$300 for second place
$180 for third place
Championship $1000 for first place
$500 for second place
$300 for third place

Nintendogs + CatsEdit

Course Standard time Points needed Money earned
Junior Cup
Amateur Cup
Pro Cup
Nintendogs Cup $500 and a victory crown. The player can only receive one victory crown per pet.


The player can stop by the park while on a walk to train their dog. It is best to do so when no other dogs are around for minimal distraction. Alternatively, the player can practice at home, but there will be less room and some trouble if there are other pets in the house.

It is suggested for the player to practice with their dog at least twice per day at the park and reward a pet with treats whenever it does something right. It is also suggested to maintain ideal weight and keep dogs well-fed and watered.

In Nintendogs + Cats, the player can take the Downtown Route during walks to go to the lure course or the gym to increase a dog's speed. The Mountain and Seaside Routes are good for frisbees and boomerangs, as well as training the dog to run on both grass and sand respectively. Regular frisbees teach a dog to return the disc while boomerangs help improve jumping and timing. Alternatively, a dog can increase their agility by chasing a kart.

If the player repeatedly practices throwing items to dogs, the dogs can be "conditioned" to return the thrown items without being told to do so. It helps to pet them or give them a treat every time they bring back a disc.


  • The player cannot be placed 2nd if two dogs are tied 1st.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ディスクドッグ大会
Disukudoggu taikai
Disc Dog Competition
Flag of France French Concours de Disque Disc Competition. Transcribed from the English name.
Flag of Spain Spanish Competición de disco
Flag of Germany German Disc-Wettbewerb
Flag of Italy Italian Disco concorrenza
Flag of Brazil
Flag of Portugal
Flag of South Korea Korean
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese 飞盘赛
Fēipán sài