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A Disc Competition.

Disc Competitions (Japanese: ディスクドッグ大会 Disc Dog Competition) are competitions that involve throwing a Flying Disc. The player's dog must catch the disc without dropping it. In Nintendogs, if a dog misses a disc, the player will not get the points from that throw. Scoring depends on how far the disc goes, and the player can identify the different point zones by the color of the ground. It is an easy contest to start with for beginners.


The player can stop by the park while on a walk to train their dog, when there are not any other dogs causing distraction. They can also practice at home (though there is less room) if they only have one dog in the house. It is suggested for the player to practice with their dog at least twice per day at the park. If they have the Mario Kart, Peach Kart, or Yoshi Kart, their dog can chase it and thus increase their speed. Using the Boomerang can also help increase their dog's speed for both the disc competition and lure coursing competition. The Boomerang can further improve the dog's jumping and timing. It is a good idea to switch regularly between grass (mountain park) and sand (seaside park) so your dog can run quickly on both. Once your dog catches the disk and retrieves, it would be wise to stroke him/her and optionally reward them with a treat.


  • Always check hunger and thirst levels before a competition. If your dog is thirsty, give it some water or formula. If your dog is hungry, give it the appropriate food to maintain an Ideal weight. Using "Premium Canned Food" and "Formula" earn more Trainer Points if the dog is Ideal weight.
  • Remember that practice makes perfect.
  • Take the Downtown Route during walks to practice Lure Coursing at the Gym to improve speed. Using items like the Mario Kart RC Racers, Flying Discs, and boomerangs can also improve the dog's speed.
  • Take the Mountain Route or Seaside Route to practice Frisbee at the Mountain or Seaside Park. Use a Frisbee to practice returning the toy; use a Boomerang to encourage jumping for the toy. Mountain Park is useful for normal retrieving. Seaside Park's sand will slow your dog, but will train them for running faster through sand pits during Disc Competitions.

Nintendogs + CatsEdit

In Nintendogs + Cats, the player does not lose points if their dog misses the disc. Instead, they simply do not get points. In addition to getting more points for catching the disc farther away, the dog will get bonus points for catching the disc in mid-air. If the player makes their way up to the Nintendogs Cup and wins 1st place, they will receive $500 and the Victory Crown. You can receive only one Victory Crown by per pet, meanig if your puppy has already completed the Nintendogs Cup once, you only receive 500$ for 1st place.

  • Junior Cup - There are no obstacles, so try to get the most points.
  • Amateur Cup - Similar to the Junior Cup, only bonus areas are added.
  • Pro Cup and Above - Sand pits and bonus areas are added together.


The player must throw a disc for their dog to catch it in a certain time limit. The farther they throw, the more points they get. The aim is to defeat the competitors, whose skill levels rise with the level of competition. If a dog drops or misses a disc, no points are earned. Puppies can be "conditioned" to bring back a disc if they are petted or given a treat every time they bring the disc back correctly.


There are two ways to get bonuses - Jump Bonuses and Bonus Areas (Nintendogs + Cats only.) Jump Bonuses add 1 point to the score the player would have gotten if the dog hadn't jumped. To earn a Jump Bonus, the dog must jump and successfully catch the Disc. The dog can catch the Disc in a Bonus Area once the player advances to the Amateur Cup and 2 points will be added to the player's score. If the dog jump-catches the Disc while in the bonus area, 3 points will be added to the player's score. If the dog does this, it can easily pull ahead of the other dogs who are competing.


Starting from the Pro Cup and above, sand pits appear. If the player's dog runs through these it will slow down and might end up failing to catch the Disc. It is probably best for the player to throw the disc away from the sand pits to avoid them; however, it is suggested to train at the seaside park. If the player trains their dog at the seaside park, it will learn to run faster through sand pits.

Other CompetitorsEdit

Though it is better to practice alone in the parks, the actual competition (in Nintendogs + Cats) has other dogs that compete at the same time as you do. These dogs will not distract the player's dog, but may sometimes bump into each other or trip over each other, slowing the player's dog down, sometimes resulting in not catching the disc. These were probably meant to be simply obstacles.

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning


Disuku dogu

Disc Dog
French Concours de Disque Disc Competition
German Disc-Wettbewerb Disc Competition
Italian Disco concorrenza Disc Competition
Spanish Competición de disco Disc Competition
Chinese 飞盘赛 Frisbee Contest



  • The player cannot be placed 2nd if two dogs are tied 1st.

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