Collars are belts that fasten around the neck of a cat or a dog. They come in many types. In Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats, collars can be necklaces, scarves, and anything else that can fit around your pet's neck. Note: In Nintendogs, if you try choking or tugging on the dog with the collar, it will decrease your trainer points.


Leather Collar Edit

The Leather collar comes in 6 colors in Nintendogs and 7 colors in Nintendogs + Cats.

DS: "This ageless design of rich leather is perfect for pets. It comes in six colors."

3DS: "This classic design of rich leather is great for everyday wear."

Beaded CollarEdit

3DS: "This collar is made entirely from beads--even the strawberries."

Bell CollarEdit

3DS: "This slim collar, with its little bell, is perfect for kittens."

Camo CollarEdit

DS: "This collar is for this puppy that wants to show the world its tough side."

3DS: "This convert collar shows off any pet's rough and tough side."

Classy CollarEdit

3DS (US): "This cashmere collar is not only absurdly soft but also chic."

3DS (UK): "This cashmere collar is not only wonderfully soft, but also chic."

Denim CollarEdit

DS: "This durable collar survives the wear of everyday use and shrinks to fit!"

Dot CollarEdit

DS: "This colorful, pop-art-style collar is perfect for adding a flair to your puppy's neck."

3DS (US): "This pop-art collar matches well with other bright accessories."

3DS (UK): "Feminine but not too sweet, this collar always looks chic."

Diamond CollarEdit

3DS: "A 20-carat diamond sparkles in the center of this exquisite collar."

Faux-Crocodile CollarEdit

3DS: "Go for the dangerous-reptile look with this faux-crocodile collar."

Faux-Python CollarEdit

3DS: "A collar for the hard-rocker pet who likes to be on stage."

Faux-Leopard CollarEdit

3DS: "This classic leopard print, for admirers of the silent hunter."

Faux-Zebra CollarEdit

3DS: "This collar takes style to the wild side with a faux-zebra print."

Flower CollarEdit

DS: "This pink-and-white design is very popular with female puppies."

3DS (US): "This pink-and-white design is very popular with female pets."

3DS (UK): "This adorable flower motif has an air of sweet innocence."

Heart CollarEdit

3DS: "This lovely collar is sure to capture everyone's heart."

Hibiscus LeiEdit

3DS: "This Hawaiian-themed collar has a joyful, tropical feel about it."

Japanese Print CollarEdit

The Japanese Print collar comes in 3 colors in the 3DS versions; Blue, Red, and green. In the DS versions it is only available in green.

DS: "This collar is popular among Japanese dog breeds."

3DS: "This collar's exotic design will always stand out on a sidewalk."

3DS: "This deep-red print design is like that of an exquisite silk scarf."

3DS: "This unusual blue pattern will suit more sophisticated pets."

Lucky Collar (DS)/Southwest Collar (3DS)Edit

DS: "This collar features a special stone that brings good luck."

3DS: "This leather collar is studded with pieces of real turquoise."

Platinum CollarEdit

DS: "The platinum buckle on this collar instantly boosts the wearer's cool factor."

3DS: "This extravagant collar sports a hefty, solid platinum buckle."

Rainbow Collar (DS)/Rainbow Ring (3DS)Edit

DS: "This saucy collar is perfect for dogs with colorful personalities."

3DS: "This saucy collar is perfect for pets with colorful personalities."

Rhinestone Collar (DS)/Glitzy Collar (3DS)Edit

DS: "This audacious collar is covered in precious gems from end to end."

3DS: "This sparkly collar is encrusted with glittering rhinestones."

Spiked CollarEdit

DS: "This collar is a must-have for all wild, punk-rock puppies."

3DS (US): "This metal-spiked collar is just right for pets with a wild side."

3DS (UK): "The metal spikes on this collar will suit pets with a wild streak."

3DS: "Even the sweetest little furball will look tough with this collar."

Star CollarEdit

3DS: "It doesn't get more sparkly than this glittering, starry collar."

Striped CollarEdit

3DS: "The diagonal stripes on this collar are 'in' this season."

Victory CollarEdit

3DS: "A prestigious collar only awarded to competition champions."

Woven CollarEdit

DS: "This collar is made of woven strands of extra leather."

3DS: "This unique collar is made of woven strands of extra leather."


Black Pearl NecklaceEdit

3DS: "Beautiful black pearls line this striking and refined necklace."

Lace NecklaceEdit

3DS: "With its lovely pink lace, this collar is simply adorable."

Leather NecklaceEdit

3DS: "This thin leather necklace looks dainty around any pet's neck."

Metal-Link NecklaceEdit

3DS: "This metal collar has a sharp and snappy look for urban pets."

Note: It says "Paradise" on it.

Pearl NecklaceEdit

DS: "The perfect accessory for female pups who want to exude an air of elegance."

3DS: "An opulent necklace of beautiful black pearls for a classy look."

Royal Heirloom NecklaceEdit

3DS: "This magnificent necklace is draped with priceless gems."

Silver NecklaceEdit

3DS: "A sweet accessory for a pretty little pet."


Kid's BandannaEdit

3DS: "This little bandanna is decorated with a big, bright star."

Men's ScarfEdit

3DS (UK): "This scarf imparts a handsome and mature look to any pet."

3DS (US): "This handsome scarf makes your pets look cultured and refined."

Red Knit ScarfEdit

3DS: "This vivid red scarf will spice up any outfit."

Woman's/Ladies' ScarfEdit

3DS (UK): "A warm, soft scarf for elegant lady pups and kittens."

3DS (US): "This warm, fluffy scarf is for elegant pups and kittens."


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