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The Club Dog Record

The Club Dog Record is a record that was introduced in Nintendogs + Cats. It can be bought from the Recycle shop once it has been unlocked with 1,850 Owner Points or by playing for 10 days. It can also be sold for $12 in the Secondhand Shop. The melody features a techno mix that dogs will dance to.

Dog's ReactionEdit

While the record is playing, your dog/dogs will start dancing to it. It's very amusing to watch, especially if you have three dogs. Cats dance to this too, but put in less energy to it. Unfortunately, NOT ALL DOGS dance to this particular song.

3DS pictures 1275

dogs dancing to the club dog record


3DS: "Dance party at our place tonight!"

Materials neededEdit

  • x1 Leather
  • x1 Plastic

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