The Championship (Nintendogs Cup in the 3DS sequel) is the last level of each contest in Nintendogs. If the player places in a Championship, their dog will be able to enter the Championship next time.

First Place Prizes (Nintendogs)Edit

If the player gets first place in the Championship more than two times, a banner will appear under the dog's achievements stating how many times your dog has won Gold Medals for it. It can go up to a maximum of a 99+ winning streak. If the player's dog doesn't get first the banner and streak will disappear. If a dog doesn't place, just like any other contest level, the dog will be brought down a level.

First Place Prizes (Nintendogs + Cats)Edit


A dog with all the Nintendogs + Cats Championship gear.

In Nintendogs + Cats, winning the Nintendogs Cup will earn the player $500 and the following victory items for the dog (depending on the competition.)

The player can only earn each victory item once for each dog. Also, they can not get a winning streak in Nintendogs + Cats. If the player's dog comes in second or third place in the Nintendogs Cup, it will not be brought down a level because the player can now choose any cup that they have unlocked, unlike Nintendogs.


  • Even though many neighbors comment that Agility Trials are the hardest contests, the player will receive more if they place first in the Obedience Trial Championship than Agility Trial Championship.

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